Supreme Court says federal law protects LGBTQ workers from discrimination

Federal civil rights law protects gay, lesbian and transgender workers, the Supreme Court ruled Monday.

The landmark ruling will extend protections to millions of workers nationwide and is a defeat for the Trump administration, which argued that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act that bars discrimination based on sex did not extend to claims of gender identity and sexual orientation.

The 6-3 opinion was written by Justice Neil Gorsuch and joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and the court's four liberal justices.

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  1. I’m Canadian, but i’m so pleased with this win for LGBT in America! Bravo! 👏🏻

    1. @Vern If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. Did your mother not teach you that Vern? 😂

    2. @Obama’sUglyWhiteMomma I DONT like Trudeau at all actually. Don’t assume someone’s political views. I have never voted for him or his party and i never will. Also, your username is disrespectful and rude. I am NDP – not liberal.

  2. “Sex” was interpreted as such: A gay man cannot be discriminated against for loving men because if he were a woman, he would not face discrimination.

    1. Mark B they actually aren’t saying that Trump directly had anything to do with the vote itself. They’re more so saying that the ruling of the Supreme Court was a loss for republicans/ Trump because of the policies they support. In this case I don’t know enough about Trump’s policies to know whether that’s true but it definitely isn’t false for the reasons you’re suggesting

    2. Where is all this ” discrimination in the work place? I know plenty of lawyers looking for work.
      How many cases filed?

    3. @why not ? So a black cop never killed a black citizen?
      This is all over pushed political theater.

    4. @Jack Soxman
      It can be difficult to prove that a specific case was about race, but it is quite clear that that there IS a problem.

    5. It was actually genius what Gorsuch said. I am a trans person and no matter what I would be discriminated based upon sex.

  3. Hate that we live in a world where this was ever a conversation (a conversation that lasted several decades), love that we are changing that world. We have a ways to go, but today: Love Wins.

    1. @Shirley Rombough 0:50 trump put the man in office that let to this don’t say stupid things and he didn’t try blocking it or anything

    2. April the Cat Esquire made up biblical cities yet ruins were believed to have been found no different than Troy what was thought to be a myth.

      These places are likely to exist though not looking into it doesn’t mean they don’t exist

    1. Jax S stop using this vague terms it’s not colorist it’s racism which means dominating and mistreating based on color that’s what racism is.

    2. Robert Baratheon show me a 1950s sign that said no gays allowed show me a democractic agenda that oppressed gays in 1950 like what are we talking about here I’m still waiting for whites to pull up gay crow laws in the 1950s being gay had absolutely nothing to do with racism or the civil rights bill

    3. @Katherine Breland An issue like that should be brought up,but my point is why would his sexuality be a topic of conversation at work? I can see a transgender person having issues fir obvious reasons but a straight white man who isnt aggressively pushing his homosexuality would completely go unnoticed. I’ve always been under the impression that the true solution to this was dont ask don’t tell. Black people have had their rights written on paper for decades and their still being violated cause their skin color ,white homosexual man or woman just has to go to work,do their job and not discuss anything outside of work relating to what’s done behind closed doors and their good. Our struggles aren’t the same,they fighting for the right to be able to have sex,love and be with the same gender and black people are fighting to live. The LGBT agenda is minor in comparison to what this black lives movement is about.

    4. @S. Wright
      The problem with “don’t ask don’t tell” is that conversation at work always involve what people’s wives or girlfriends said. Why should some people not be able to converse in the same way? “don’t ask don’t tell” implies that something needs to be hidden because it is wrong.

  4. The problem is that bigoted lying employers will make up a different reason to get rid of employees.

    1. The civil rights bill was about racist white people hunting blacks down an killing them what df does that have to do with being a homosexual explain that to me an explain what history whites have of discrimination against a gay person can you pull up videos whites have discriminating against gays can you show me white only signs next to gay only signs this is another white supremacist distraction from racist white police officers killing based on being black.

    2. @Jordan Sharpe What are you talking about? It seems like you’re raging about something that nobody’s even mentioned.

    3. @Aeleks Johnson everyone sees that you’re black, but they’ll only know you’re gay if you tell them which you don’t have to. I think you maybe took his point wrong. And jumping to calk someone a bigot makes you look like an entitled freak. Like y’all LGBT people need to see things openly and not just about yourself only.🤷🏽

    4. Hyperpandas in sure you can read everybody is talking about this gay rights bill which makes no sense being gay is not the same as being black nobody got killed in America for being gay those police killing were not to gays so Where df is a gay rights law coming from other than to be used by white supremacist to deflect racism again

    1. Dead Archer I love America as much I love my homeland in Canada :3 just wish Donald the fat crazy president didn’t make things hard for most! I’m crossing my fingers and praying he’s voted out

  5. it’s 2020… the “land of the free” this is still a discussion.
    Mind your own business when it comes to other;s peoples body and bedroom, America. If not, change your anthem to “land of the free for straight, white men”

    1. @William Craven rights based on what happens in the bedroom and happiness with sex identity aren’t human rights.

    2. @Chibuzo Nwachuku Gays are recruited? lol. Is that like voter registration or the Mormons knocking on my door? You really know nothing about gay people or LGBT. Everybody should be treated with dignity.

    3. @Chibuzo Nwachuku
      Sexual orientation is not about what goes on bin the bedroom. It is a fundamentalist characteristic that most people talk about all the time.

    1. @realhiphopdotcom Yeah, well, now gay people cannot be fired on a whim because some Bible thumping moron or some guy with a masculinity issue wants to punish them for being gay.

    2. @realhiphopdotcom Naw, its easy to do still. just requires some thought first. The law will only nab the imbeciles acting without thinking.

    3. @Jon Hinson well yes they can. If it’s my business and I think you’re of no use to it anymore or whatever the situation is, I can fire you, gay or not. Bosses shouldn’t be afraid of that because it’s their business and they can choose who to keep giving a pay check.

    4. @Krystal C
      No, you can’t fire people for personal characteristics unrelated to the job. You have never been able to.

    5. @realhiphopdotcom You can fire a gay employee still but you cant fire them for being gay. You can if they are lazy or break rules.

    1. Trump’s doing very well! Your comment’s imbecilic.
      Lotta judges appointed by President Orange Man Bad! Open your eyes moron!

    2. This is a win for everybody. Democrat or Republican. This is a win for human rights which we all should be for. I lean Republican and I was always for Neil Gorsuch, he’s a standup guy. The Democrats should have supported him from the beginning.

    3. most scarey ,that aspect , judges can not be removed or impeaches after mcconnell and senate pass them threw

  6. The Bible Thumpers are going to go nuts over that, especially the “Trump Court”! How long will it take for their heads to explode?

  7. Interesting that justices who believe all human beings have rights are called liberal. That should be norm.

  8. A 65 year old white straight male: I see a huge win for Human Rights. Every step forward protects us all and our children , grandchildren, great grandchildren.

    1. The civil rights bill was about racist white people hunting blacks down an killing them what df does that have to do with being a homosexual explain that to me an explain what history whites have of discrimination against a gay person can you pull up videos whites have discriminating against gays can you show me white only signs next to gay only signs this is another white supremacist distraction from racist white police officers killing based on being black.

    2. Jordan Sharpe : I saw no question mark in your original rant. The issue was NOT hunting them down and killing them, although some gays have been killed for just being gay, but rather for hiring and renting practices for which there are many documented cases gays being discriminated.

    3. Jordan Sharpe Its sad that you are attempting to conflate several very different points into one, however allow me to chime in. I am a 61 year old African American straight man married to the same women for 38 years we as African American no doubt understand what discrimination is all about but if you think that someone that is of the LGBTQ does not understand discrimination you are either lying to yourself or uneducated about life and the world around you. Everyone deserves the right to love who ever they chose allow me to take you back a few years until the 1967 it was illegal for Blacks and Whites to marry even though they were ADULTS imagine as an adult someone telling you can’t get married to the person that has become your best friend and the person you want to want to share your everything for the rest of your life and a legal system that does not know you from a can of paint telling you are wrong. It’s simple love is love my Goddaughter is a Lesbian and I love her and her partner as if they were my own children. If you don’t like it the simple answer is don’t partake in any lifestyle that’s not for you but stop attempting to belittle others for their choices. By the way it was not all that long ago you we as a people were restricted to what what we could and could not do many people marching helped change a lot for you to be able to have the freedom of choice don’t deny others the same privileges.

    working out by running up and down the stairs lol so distracting lol

    God listen to the LGBT community outcry and answered to help them with this decision. So grateful for the republican justices who had a change of heart and voted for this, minus Brett Kavanough

    1. @JoaquinLomeli Bless you. This comment truly is one of the kindest I have ever read as it speaks about the power of opening up ones heart to others. When you said “God listened to the lgbt community” I was so pleased to hear a religious person accepting that religion also applies to lgbt individuals who seek God. A change of heart truly is powerful. ❤️😊

    1. Bebe lee it’s Gomorrah, and is it really so threatening that two people, no matter the gender love each other??

  11. To think that the people crying about this ruling are the very ones claiming they hate “sharia law”….

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