Philpott: PM ‘breached his obligations’ in SNC-Lavalin case


    1. xxtoronto xo that’s been proven to be a lie sooooooo many times over. Even SNC’s CEO said that jobs were never at risk.

    2. @xxtoronto xo jobs were never at risk, they would have gotten other contracts else where, open your eyes

    3. xxtoronto xo no he didn’t. Every one of those jobs would have been transferred to a Canadian company that follows the rules and laws of our country.
      He supported and backed criminals in a criminal way rather than the justice System that our country is based on.

  1. I remembered his father was rather arrogant in his latter days, junior inherits the family trait. Apology is cheap and useless, if he is guilty, jail is for him, isn’t that the law ?

  2. His narcissism doesn’t allow an apology… his ego is too big; he thinks he is entitled to do whatever he uh um wants.

  3. He apologized on behalf of the world. ….
    Not sure why he can’t admit his own guilt. After all, he threw everyone else under the bus. 🤨

  4. Yeah ” Stand up for Canadian jobs” except for any kind of jobs that are related to based out West…… Throw this clown in jail

  5. Yet 100,000 Alberta jobs were of no consequence, at all, to this Prime Minister.
    Alberta won’t forget that Trudeau did not include Alberta when calling out the provinces on the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

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