Photos emerge of Jason Kenney, ministers flaunting government’s COVID-19 restrictions

Photos of Alta. Premier Jason Kenney and his top ministers dining on the Sky Palace rooftop is drawing criticism. CTV News Edmonton's Matt Woodman has more.

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  1. When the politicians think no one’s looking the mask comes off, literally & figuratively🎭

  2. Regrettably or not, I’m actually old enough to remember when one requirement for a career in journalism was basic literacy. (Hint: the word you wanted there was “flouting,” not “flaunting.”)

    1. @Dr. D. Evidence I think when multiple government officials have been caught, it qualifies as flaunting, Finance minister, Bonnie Henry etc

    2. @I Kozak Ahhh…yeah…if you change the sentence you can use flaunting. If we are just changing the sentence we can could use lots of words. LOL.

      But the sentences is “flaunting COVID restrictions” which is incorrect and in fact that opposite of what they mean.

      If he were flaunting COVID restriction he would be obeying them in a obnoxiously obvious manner. But he is “flouting COVID restriction” by disobeying them.

    1. @The Weasel I won’t disagree with you on that point; and so I say, the use of quotation marks in English has many interesting applications. 😉

  3. Politicians engaging in the “Do as I say, not as I do.” M.O. is hardly breaking news. Now having one with integrity and sincerity, that would be breaking news.

    1. and what game would that be. Do you think that gravity cares that the guy who just jumped to his death didn’t believe in gravity? So your response now is to jump too because the dead guy didn’t believe? The stupidity that has been exposed among the general populace by this pandemic is astounding.

  4. The ones who haven’t missed a paycheck never get the $880 fines , that’s for those who lost their business or job

    1. The restaurants and bars in the city are disgusting you have no idea what goes on in the back. I’m glad some of them went out of business. Save lives.

  5. Remember when Manitoba’s chief medical officer of health, in a press conference a few months ago, explicitly said that COVID measures imposed on the public do not apply to government?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  6. Living the high life while accomplishing nothing. I should have went into politics instead of running businesses

  7. >Why don’t you trust conservatives and just politicians generally?

    Iunno, lol 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😀

  8. They did nothing wrong, therefor we will ALL be throwing the masks in the trash and refusing the vax.

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