Pierre Poilievre and Erin O’Toole will run for Conservative leadership

CTV News has learned that MPs Pierre Poilievre and Erin O'Toole are both planning to run for leadership of the Conservative party.


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  1. Pierre Poilievre has got our votes 100% Pierre is 💪 , Michelle is decent , Peter is Okay , Rona is ummm Okay , the other candidates are 😂😂😂

  2. Holy hell why? They wouldn’t beat the liberals… the conservatives need someone with charisma and neither of these duds has any. Third times the charm for o tool?

  3. Who cares? Conservatives can dredge up anyone they want but the social conservative lunatic fringe is a deal breaker.

  4. The 300,000 entrance fee is ridickuous FFS! Pieerre/o’Toole/Michelle R./ Candice B My Cons have the depth to produce a viable/sucessful leader Please don’t wait until JUNE!

  5. Just as long as it’s not someone from Quebec. We won’t survive another arrogant, smug and sellout leader.

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