Solomon on Canada pulling some troops from Iraq: ‘We’re on the razor’s edge here’


  1. Withdraw all NATO forces from the Middle East, Afghanistan, Syria and other places. The Americans are more than capable fighting on multiple fronts without allies. If they need more troops they have the option to reintroduce the draft. NATO is already near its end and Canada needs to learn to defend its own borders.

    1. “we are done with America” only when you pay for your own defence and not counting on American umbrella. By the way, the Canadian Forces could play only support role. It was decimated.

  2. Trump- Raises the legal smoking age to 21 to “protect our children” then immediately ships 3000 18 years olds to the middle east to get shot at by enemies that he is creating. Welcome to the United States of Israel.

  3. Well, Evan, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why Canada reacted! Obviously, protecting Canadians!

    1. Wow. What an intelligent stand to take. Now that you mention it, even with the beard, Trudeau is easier to look at than Trump.

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