Piers Morgan storms off show over Meghan criticism

Piers Morgan, who prompted a backlash and an investigation from the United Kingdom's media regulator over his comments about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will depart "Good Morning Britain," ITV announced.
"Following discussions with ITV, Piers Morgan has decided now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain," ITV said in a short statement. "ITV has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add."
Earlier, Morgan walked off the "Good Morning Britain" set after he was skewered by a co-host for his criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan following their blockbuster interview with Oprah Winfrey.
During the interview with Oprah, Meghan said she "didn't want to be alive anymore" and had contemplated suicide while pregnant with her son Archie. She said the royal family had told her she couldn't seek help because "it wouldn't be good for the institution."

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  1. The same guy who thinks it’s cool the support animal abuse. Clearly suffering from some huge ego problems.

    1. So Chinese News Network CNN can go Crazy on people but oh how dare Piers Morgan attack liberals new God Meghan Markle 🤯

    1. @burningfeet 53; I was referring to him reprimanding Harry’s wife, whom I think is a spoiled pre-madonna and she is a wedge in that family, but than again so what. I do have tv for reasons like this.

    1. @Bimmer Fan Nope – the broadcaster had hired him for his honest opinions and his colourful presentation. He was doing his job. They asked him to compromise his honesty and apologize for speaking his mind (take away his voice). It’s not as if he was lying and shouting “Fake News” – they hired him for “his truth” then asked him to put a muzzle on. He refused to do so, and quit.

      He already has other broadcasters knocking at his door.

    2. @Danaura Trans woman nah, he was probably told to move on. Piers looked bitter and obsessed. Attacking a new mother who was suffering from suicidal thoughts. Not a good look for any business or media brand.

  2. “I dont believe a word she says”
    …said every sulky man who was turned down by a woman.
    also when he says “the harm she’s doing to the Queen” meanwhile the Queen wasn’t being insulted at all… Makes me picture a divorced dad jealous of the moms new boyfriend saying “look what you’re doing to the kids” but the kids just shrug. lol

    1. The queen was insulted. The comment that was made that was the insult was when oprah ask about her decision making. Harry claimed she had advisors and they were giving her bad advise.

    2. megan malarkey Said they took her passport away for a long time but she went to 13 different holidays within that time sooooo

  3. I couldn’t understand why P. Morgan is so vile when he opens his mouth!, now I understand, he is full of jealousy, he really sounds pathetic, scorned little man!!

  4. Funny how ppl like him can dish it out but when they’re on the receiving end it’s a whole different ball game.

    1. It is not a case of he/her it’s about the fact that this is a family matter and the Queen should have been consulted. Meghan did not do that but chose to go on chat shows. Meghan was also happy to do a walkabout in England to greet the people with a big smile, she was happy to see tens of thousands of people waiting to see her and Harry get married and cheer them on after the ceremony. At no time did she ever look suicidal, she was talking and laughing with the Queen numerous times,smiling and laughing with her. That is Harry’s family she is tsking him away from. The Royal Family are very hurt that this has happened, especially as the Duke of Edinburgh is still in hospital. The English people who love Harry and embraced Meghan sre also very hurt by them leaving. Meghan needs to remember they are his flesh and blood and he will get homesick and want to see them. Archie would have plenty of cousins to play with and grow up with. It is tragic to split a family up and it will end badly because Harry hss a close bond with them.
      You cannot build happiness on anothers misery.

    2. @Margaret H “At no time did she ever look suicidal” ……..Wow, so you’re really going there. Maybe your experience is different, but I’ve known people who committed suicide who I didn’t even realize were depressed. People generally hide distress on instinct, especially in public, and as a former actress you’d think Megan would be better at it than most. I don’t know if she and Harry are being honest or not, but the line of reasoning you’re going for is one that’s dangerous to indulge.

      Also, you’re speaking as if Harry is a child or something. “That is Harry’s family she is taking him away from.” What, did she hogtie him and flee the UK on an airship? He can make his own decisions, and if Meghan really is just a spoiled, selfish social climber, then the responsible thing to do would have been to defend his family. So there are three possibilities. Either he’s letting a woman who he knows doesn’t care for him bully him into forsaking his family, or he’s supporting her because she’s taken him for a fool, or he’s supporting her because he’s correctly judged that her concerns are valid. All the arguments that frame Meghan as the villain revolve around one of the first two possibilities, which are just as uncharitable to the prince as they are to her.

      Not that the “social climber” portrayal even makes sense. She wanted more power and attention, so she… left the royal family? She was too thin-skinned to make it as a royal, so she started a controversy that was sure to see her name dragged through the mud? Doesn’t seem to line up very well. For comparison, is it really that implausible that the royal family of a country with a recent history of racist exploitation, with royals who grew up under an administration that lavishly romanticized the British Empire, who preside over an era where casual contempt for Americans is very much a thing, might have been just a little bit cold to a dark-skinned Californian? You cannot build happiness on another’s misery, indeed.

  5. If Piers ever should decide to “fall on his sword,” I can’t imagine there will be too many protests against him doing it.

    1. @William Brodhead so you hurt too…..sorry he’s a simp and I have no sympathy for his disgraced self.

  6. ” Love me or hate me it’s still an obsession” ~Lady Sovereign

    and this man is clearly OBSESSED and butt hurt with Meghan.

  7. Piers Morgan: Attacks Megan Markle for an hour – Tuesday
    Also Piers Morgan: Is questioned by co-host for one minute – Wednesday. And storms off like a cry baby

    1. @Rob Dark harry and meghan plainly stated The Queen was not the issue and she was always supportive to them.

  8. Piers ‘doth protest too much!”. He’s not the only one though, there are so many people, especially in the media who have practically decided she’s some sort of Disney villain. Prince Harry is an intelligent, strong, good man who CHOSE this woman to be his wife and I’m sure he did not make the decision lightly. I also watched the interview myself & Meghan says some very lovely things about the Queen. She imo cleared up that whole incident with Kate (although I’ve had people arguing with me that she just turned it around on her….which is not exactly the truth) & she said some lovely things about Kate and stated that Kate had apologized for the incident and they are okay now. Idk, I could go on forever, but any time someone (especially women and especially a woman of color), makes something of herself, people always feel they have to do everything to tear her down because of mostly what I believe to be just pure jealousy!! I really don’t and won’t ever understand what’s wrong with people…..🙄

  9. He’s not upset .. he’s preparing for his new prime-time slot on the new extreme-right Fox clone for the UK.

  10. He wants to leave the situation when he feels uncomfortable, but doesn’t think Meghan Markle has the same right? Really?

    1. Notice how Piers acts as if he’s entitled to trash Megan with authority! And *everyone should listen & believe HIM!* +Respect HIS right to to say whatever he feels. (However ignorant!).

      Yet, Piers & his followers refuse to acknowledge Megan has ANY rights to speak openly, even about her feelings.

      Piers’ campaign / obsession proves Megan’s point!

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