1. In 1979, the US established formal diplomatic relations with the PRC (China). At the same time, it severed its diplomatic ties and abrogated its mutual defense treaty with the ROC (Taiwan). But the U S maintains a robust unofficial relationship with the island and continues to sell defense equipment to its military. Beijing has repeatedly urged Washington to stop selling weapons to and cease contact with Taipei. The U.S. approach is governed by its ‘One-China’ policy. It is based on several documents, such as three U.S.-China communiqués reached in 1972, 1978, and 1982; the Taiwan Relations Act, passed by the U.S. Congress in 1979; and the declassified “Six Assurances”, which President Ronald Reagan conveyed to Taiwan in 1982. These documents lay out that the US: “acknowledges the Chinese position that there is but one China and Taiwan is part of China” and that the PRC is the “sole legal government of China” ; rejects any use of force to settle the dispute; maintains cultural, commercial, and other ties with Taiwan, carried out through the American Institute in Taiwan; commits to selling arms to Taiwan for self-defense; and will maintain the ability to come to Taiwan’s defense, while not actually committing to doing so—a policy known as ‘strategic ambiguity’.

    1. Thank you so much for this post as this should be the news. It’s funny how cnn provides the real facts unknowingly in the blogs & not in the show!

  2. Great editing,,,, Watch the full interview. Very interesting the way cnn cut this video and switched the beginning and end.

    1. Yep – and every one of them was a direct hit on CNN: I don’t think they were expecting this from him. I didn’t even expect this from him tbh.

  3. By “controversial” and “wild” views you mean telling the truth. I guess that is controversial to CNN.

    1. @chico malo because of the large number of people in Taiwan who were never a part of either government in the 1900s. The early settlers and the aboriginal people never considered themselves a part of either china. They have been the majority of the people living in Taiwan and I think still are today.

      I say this as the descendant of the exiles.

    2. @Nacho Nacho Man according to wiki it is “Scotland (Scots: Scotland, Scottish Gaelic: Alba [ˈal̪ˠapə] (listen)) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom”. “Status – country”

  4. Roger Waters is a jewel, amazing man. Finally someone talking abt this on national news. Even this the interviewer made fun of him and couldn’t disagree with a proper exchange only bullied him.

    1. Wonderful musician who has gone doollaly… His support for authoritarian regimes is utterly shocking. Sad that he’s completely lost his grip on reality… On a different note, it’s equally sad that he doesn’t even sing live anymore, but that’s a different story. People pay top dollar for his shows and get pre-recorded vocals…

  5. So this is how American State media looks like. Trying to behave like they are independent but they fail utterly 😂😂😂

  6. Instead of the interview, we have this critic of the interviewed, that is more of a begging to the audience to not believe what he sais. They invite you to watch the full interview, but it is completely absent when you search it in YouTube. As usual for the CNN political content, the comments are more valuable than the video.

    1. The full interview is on Michael Smerconish (interviewer)’s own channel. I don’t think I can add link, you can search this title on YouTube: Roger Waters Uncut. The full interview with Michael Smerconish recorded in Philadelphia, PA – 8/4/22

  7. He says….Roger is clearly not concerned about how this will affect tour sales…how is that relevant to what the interview was about? This sounds like a warning to destroy Roger lol

  8. This new habit of American media and politicians smugly and awkwardly laughing when their weak premise is being dismantled, instead of considering what’s being said like an actual substantive conversation, is gross and off-putting. It’s like what a petulant kid does when they’re too embarrassed to let their pride take a well-earned hit.

  9. CNN tries hard to convince everyone that he s wrong but even Roger’s cropped/edited statement still proves he s right .

  10. Hey CNN, I’m a little confused.
    Where’s the whole interview? You know, the reasonable discussion called “Roger & Me,” where they pointed out some inconsistencies with your seemingly uneducated journalist.

    For some reason you removed MOST of your own interview, which was calm, relaxed, and a rather intellectual discussion.
    You then rename the video as “Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters blasted for defending China, Russia” which not only didn’t happen, but goes from welcoming a GUEST on your show to saying he was being blasted for it which wasn’t happening during that interview at all. That almost sounds like libel.

    Actions like that appear like you’re attacking your guests; isn’t that bad for the business of welcoming guests into your show?

    If you could explain that, I’d appreciate it.
    I’d love to know what could’ve possibly led to such a poor contradiction of your own information – heck, your own video interview.

    1. It’s on Michael Smerconish’s channel. I don’t think I can add link, you can search the interview title on YouTube: Roger Waters Uncut. The full interview with Michael Smerconish recorded in Philadelphia, PA – 8/4/22

  11. Roger talks for MILLIONS of people who never get heard.
    Roger, keep promoting “BEING INFORMED”and SANITY IN THE WORLD .

    1. @drmodestoesq
      Those lessons we should take them by ourselves. Count the military bases from the States around the world and the interventions in multiple countries that
      have come since the foundation of the country.

  12. OMG!!! I love how Roger drops truth bombs 0 Effs given about the Washington Elite. We need more of this guy NOW

  13. “Controversial and wide view”… then this gut slipped quickly with this passive-aggressive “Taiwan has never being part of red China”. Really, take the advice from Roger Water, read some books!

  14. The same guy that said that rumors of the Russian invasion were “just propaganda to make Russia look bad”, now acusses the West of War crimes. Maybe this time, there is something wrong about Rogers’ thinking?.

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