1. @Vlad the Inhaler do you want to quiz me on world religion, Vlad? I didn’t site the many passages from the Old Testament that call for slaying, stoning to death, slaughtering the unbeliever, but you can lock your thumb and page through Deuteronomy and a couple of other books in the Bible for all that. I bet you don’t know that the Old Testament is shared by Islam. They consider themselves direct descendants of Abraham, particularly from his son, Ishmael and his son’s Isaac and Jacob.

    1. @SMS There’s no where it says “you have to go thru a background check” there is no rule against semi-automatic weapons there is no age limits in it as well.

  1. It’s very sad. I am not a Muslim but I am with them and with all other communities who have all the right to live well and free .

    1. …as one that disbelieve in the wargod of Abraham…
      Quran 4:56
      “Those who disbelieve in Our revelations We shall, in time, cause them to endure fire: every time their skins are burnt off, We shall replace them with new skins”

      …Im not werry upset…

    2. what does being muslim have anything to do with people being murdered by their own kind. kinda odd how they bring up the religion of the victims.

      btw do you know the religion of the parkland shooting victims?

  2. Albuquerque,

    I have lived in New Mexico a good part of my life and avoid Albuquerque when ever I can due to the violence.

    A lot of crime, gangs, drugs, drive by shootings, road range and now this.

    Kind of like Juarez, Mexico, just 300 miles north.

  3. God help us! I am so very very sorry! Peace be upon them all. I am Christian and I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters. Let’s all do the same!

    1. @desertrose88 I was responding to a guy who said it was probably a Christian. I felt he assumed that because he wanted it to be a Christian so he could hate on the religion. Based on what happened it was probably someone they knew so Muslim. I was basically trying to tell the guy to not assume stuff. 🤷‍♂️

  4. To the people who are saying “look past the religion”, “theres more going on here” or even people complaining about media picking and choosing stories, because yes that’s how the news works. The reason this is being covered is because one of these victims is from a year ago, another two in the last few months and the latest (who was a public servant so it did become more “important” for the police to find the killer) in the last few weeks. That is why this story is picking up, yes all the men happen to be Muslim but this isn’t being spun as a Muslims are being targeted story this is a community of people who are being murdered, they happen to be a Muslim community and as of now this community that saw no violence and out of nowhere sees four of its people dead.

    1. @Vashtha Fell Omen If they wanted to show common factors why didn’t they report that the last three men who were murdered came from the same country around the same time and had the same last name? Why didn’t they report that the three men went to the same place of worship? Instead all these “news” networks plaster “MUSLIM” in the thumbnails and description. The liberal mayor was even on TV saying it was a hate crime before they knew anything. The only network I seen give it a fair report was NBC where they gave their place or origin and noted their last names were the name and theorized it was a serial killer.

      Turns out it was a 51 year old Muslim man from Afghanistan who killed them. He knew the and the supposed motive was because they were sunni muslims.

  5. On my goodness, please find who is responsible. My deepest condolences to the Muslim community and men’s families in Albuquerque.

    1. The Afghan Muslim responsible has been found! Now expect this story to go straight down the memory hole…

  6. This is heartbreaking and should have never happened
    We have many that have been living here for a long time
    We have young men who have served our Country
    They brought their mom’s here so they would be safe
    I can’t imagine how I would feel if anything happened to them
    I have known them for years and they are such good people
    It’s just like everyone
    We have good and we have those that aren’t as good
    But I have seen pictures of them while they were serving us
    There families are going to miss them just as we would
    I hope they find and charge them for their crimes

  7. This is a Serial Killer that has been following these men ….you need lookouts looking for a vehicle and individuals that are suspicious….FBI needs to review all video evidence to find information that connects each crime to each other …..the community needs to form communication lines to find individuals hiding in plain sight

    1. …as one that disbelieve in the wargod of Abraham…
      Quran 4:56
      “Those who disbelieve in Our revelations We shall, in time, cause them to endure fire: every time their skins are burnt off, We shall replace them with new skins”

      …Im not werry upset…

  8. Unlikey the perpetrators would know who to target unless they are part of that same community or surveilling them closely. Likely it’s somebody they know imho

  9. I live in Albuquerque and I love my city I’m not going to let any SOBS define my preception of city or state

  10. “It’s hard to live like that”. It is, in every hood in America people are living like that. No one should have to.

  11. Kindest, most generous men I’ve ever met were Muslims. I was always in Asia on business and those men will always be in my memory as great people.

    1. I am so glad you have said this! I’ve had a similar experience. My neighbors when 9/11 happened were three Egyptian Muslim siblings, two men and their sister. Even though they were threatened by university students, they checked on me at least as often as I did them. I am saving up for a visit!

  12. I am a muslim from India. I want to thank all of you for your heartwarming comments. I felt so good seeing the condemnation here. I hope my countrymen and women adopt the same attitude

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