Pipeline leak causes ‘eye of fire’ in the Gulf of Mexico

This blaze resembling an 'eye of fire' was spotted near a Pemex oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

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  1. I feel stuped for saying this. I am going against my better judgement. Possibly natural gas…

    1. Still a far lower probability than rail car or tanker accidents. How many tanker accidents have we heard of versus such burning pipe leaks… If we are not going to stop burning fossil fuels overnight, we should still shift towards the safest transport mechanism, it’s just that any pipeline development must not lead to expanding production beyond reasonable amounts, so pipelines must be followed with ever increasing restrictions on rail cars and tankers… Just saying no to pipelines only precipitates the damage to the environment that will be done, it’s overall fossil fuel use that needs to be throttled down not the safest mechanisms for delivering the fuel.

  2. Surprised no one has commented on the fact that none of the water spray from any of the boats are even getting to the fire…

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