British Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveils the country's final COVID-19 reopening plan 1

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveils the country’s final COVID-19 reopening plan


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson discusses the country's final reopening plans.

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  1. I just went to Superstore, London Drugs, the liquor store and had breakfast in Alberta. Mask free!!!

    1. Hey!…I’m in Edmonton, West Edmonton mall, water parks open, hot tub, waves and the bar…

    2. If were all being honest, mask off, I can actually breathe full breaths…think were all weak from wearing masks for so long

  2. there you go again wasting money on reporting on stuff half way across the world that NOBODY CARES ABOUT! there are many many hungry familys in canada you could of sent that money to! have you ever giving back to the community? NOPE YOU HAVNT!

    1. @xMOBx EVERLAST You know it doesn’t cost money to report news for a news station right???

  3. Yet Ontario is run by out of touch medical officers who don’t experience the negative impacts of restrictions. Vote green everyone!

  4. Right up until the “Delta-Ne-Plus-Ultra” comes along (I predict around the end of September), then it’s back to the ol’ lockdown grind.

    Never in the history of mankind have world governments been granted such overwhelming power to micromanage every aspect of our lives.

    They’re NOT going to let go of that power so easily.

  5. it’s about time some leader takes action unlike the stupid Prime minister of Canada

  6. Why the hell are we concerned about what the UK is doing? I want to know what our government is doing here in my country of Canada!

    1. Because Trudeau has absolutely no leadership qualities and just copies whatever other countries are doing especially our masters Britain.

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