1. so they beefing up intensive care capacity? wow, and it only took them 20 months to figure that one out. i cant believe this is actually considered ‘news’

  2. “F**K them
    They’ve had their time
    A new day dawns
    and we will not be
    swaddled in their grime” – Roger Waters

    1. Unfortunately, the only ones that will be on the side of humanity will be the ones forced out by the mandates and would scatter in to the winds.

  3. So with this passport.. only jabbed up ppl are allowed into restaurants but yet they are still at 50% capacity? And still gotta wear a mask to your table? Am I missing something here? What was the point of the shots?

    1. “ What was the point of the shots?”
      The passport.
      You know those numbered tags they put in livestock’s ears?

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