Plane’s landing gear snaps during emergency landing | USA TODAY

A plane bound for Chicago O'Hare International Airport had its landing gear snap during an emergency landing at Luxembourg Airport.

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  1. Plane’s landing gear snaps during emergency landing | USA TODAY 1510pm 15.5.23 not good. anyone up for flying at this present juncture?

    1. Cargolux is a Cargo-Airline, so only the two Pilots were onboard. The Airport (Luxembourg) was closed afterwards for a couple of hours because it was difficult to remove the disabled aircraft from the Runway. So a lot of flights were canceled or heavily delayed.

    1. this was a cargo plane, and the plane’s passengers and cargo ended up being just fine

  2. Is this the same plane by chance that had a hard landing a few weeks ago and scraped an engine pod?!

  3. One mayday declaration on 30.10.22, one serious landing incident on 15.04.23, and another major one on 15.05.23. (Not mentioning their circus act some years ago with the wing wave).

  4. To everyone saying its not safe to fly…. You have a much MUCH greater chance getting in a fatal car accident than EVER being in a plane crash. You might as well not drive if your going to say you wont fly because its “not safe”

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