Watch: Brawl breaks out during city council meeting | USA TODAY

An apparent brawl broke out between supporters of two city council candidates over nominations.

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The brawl, which left two people injured, happened at the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party’s endorsing convention for Minneapolis Ward 10, the Star Tribune reported.

A video posted on social media shows a group of supporters of Minneapolis Council member Aisha Chughtai walking on stage as backers of her challenger, Nasri Warsame, move toward the front of the stage, and the two groups engage in a shouting match.

Some supporters of Warsame jumped on the stage as people attempted to separate the two groups.

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  1. Dear parents! THESE are the monsters you send your children to school with!!!! This is how they behave when they don’t get what they want!! And why your children can’t keep it together ANYMORE!!

    1. @SuperFly that you’re young innocent children go to school with and you leave your parents in care with! Who gives a

    2. @Josh A No! Everyone is infected! Your wrong! Attitude is a spirit! Thus can be sent out thru the airways!
      I’m not asking you to get angry! I’m asking you to care enough!!

    1. Even if you were a cop there you can’t do anything. You pepper spray that crowd they will all sue. Let them eat each other it’s what they want isn’t it obvious

    1. ​@Samantha Rivera you mean when police opened doors and escorted people around the building? That’s the definition of peaceful sweetie.

  2. This is precisely the type of behavior you ALLOW,so this is the type of behavior you continue to get.

  3. Nothing like two politicians bringing their nations antics into American politics. God help us

    1. What did we expect? Are people taking the citizen classes anymore? That’s why we never had this in the past.

  4. Little Somalia. Such great contributors to our country. Should have listened to Jefferson. They never change

  5. looks about right. living up to the very low expectations that their supporters set. things are looking good for 2024

  6. My question is who raised these people? Obviously they were taught that violence is how problems are solved.

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