Planes, Trains & Big Mistakes

The FAA is scheduled to hold an industry-wide safety summit this week after a series of aviation safety incidents around the country, including a number of close calls on the runways of our nation’s busiest airports. In today’s episode, we take a closer look at these runway incursions and hear why some pilots say the system is as stressed as it's ever been. 

Guest: Pete Muntean, CNN Transportation Correspondent

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  2. The pilots AND the Air Traffic Controllers are jabbed so their concentration, reactions etc are compromised.

    1. @DarthSailorMoon I wouldn’t need to copy and paste if you could answer a simple question and if you had any idea as to what you’re talking about.
      Thank you for showing the world the breadth of your knowledge and have a wonderful Sunday

    2. @Trial by Wombat It’s no one else’s fault but your own that you can’t read 4 little words.

    3. @DarthSailorMoon again, specifically what laws would have prevented this?
      Are the railroads the only industry that’s “unregulated” and how does that work?
      I can do this all day. Back up your words silly 😜

    4. @DarthSailorMoon from the Federal Railroad Administration….
      Legislation & Regulations

      FRA exercises its responsibilities for regulating the safety of the nation’s railroad system and development of intercity passenger rail through several means, including:

      Legislative Rules,
      Non-legislative Rules (Interpretive Rules and Policy Statements), and
      Management and Procedural Rules.
      In this section, we provide descriptions and comprehensive, official sources for FRA’s regulations (also called rules) and select legislation, as well as policy and guidance documents. Additionally, you will find current topics of high interest or significant impact to Congress, railroads, employees, labor, public interest groups, and other stakeholders.

      Last updated: Sunday, October 20, 2019

      That’s the home page sweet child. There’s thousands of laws and regulations in place.
      Want to rethink your silly and childish answers or, is that just who you are as a person?

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  4. Everything is up to you XI jin ping alone! In a word, why should we take this formalism meeting ? Who will show it to? Do the 1.4 billion people have a voice? Do the 1.4 billion people have the rights to vote?

  5. We need a final ruleing on SIDE FRAME KEYS. These are keepers that keeps the axle in the truck frame pedestals. The wheels are press on the axles they don’t get loose. The SIDE FRAME KEYS keep the axle from dislodgeing of the truck frames. Get a field manual of the A.A.R interchange rule book of the internet. You will read the book and it’s Rule 83 EM SIDE FRAME KEYS TRUCK COMPONENTS. This will help with the keeping the wheels under the train car as long as possible in a derailment.. We need this rule final ASP.

    1. Today I did a quick freight car inspection on three open hoppers cars from the edge of the railroad right of way. So I was thinking 🤔 about how many SIDE FRAME KEYS were in place, and how many were out of place from the truck frame journal pedestals. So walking along the cars side on the edge of the right of way. I just look at the inboard side of the truck and I seen a nut at very bottom under the axle of the truck frame. If the nut is there, the side frame key is there. No nut no key to hold the axle in place. So the frist car had 2 nuts on axle set on end and the other two axles in the opposite end of the same car the nuts are missing. No side frame keys. The next car had one side frame key on one axle the other three axle no side frame keys. The third car No nuts ,no side frame keys on any axles. We need the A.A.R ruleing on these frame keepers part. They need to made them with yellow or orange plastic coating the steel that way we can see them at all times, day and night. I know they can bend or break in a derailment but it gives the cars a fighting chance to stay up right and parallel the rail base and stay along the stone line as long as it can. Axles in ditchline, in the water , down over the hill or in someone’s back yard or in the basement.🤔

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    Silicon Valley Bank is shut down by regulators in biggest bank failure since global financial crisis! Another let’s go Brandon moment

  7. When equity is more important than safety. You hire more unqualified people. Case in point, Memphis police department.

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  9. The biggest mistake that was made, you lot believing that you could actually pull this off! 👁️☠️

  10. Among many other urgent issues–test the labels! (Are they accurate / appropriate?)

    My skin crawled when I heard a governor say “CONTROLLED burn”. Totally inappropriate label. Far outside its validity zone. That info gap is terrifying.

    Among other issues: how (non) competent are state-level and federal-level transport dept advisors? That governor was wrongly informed!

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  12. Meanwhile: Norfolk Southern CEO declines to commit to pay long-term health costs after train derailment! “Crickets” from a literal “Peter” Buttigieg. The question remains what does Pete Buttigieg feel about Uranus as a whole?

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