“Please, no more war”: Alex Ovechkin addresses Russian invasion

"Please, no more war": Alex Ovechkin addresses Russian invasion 1


    1. He’s probably scared of what would happen to his friends and family in Russia if he says anything bad about Putin. Look at what happened with Panarin.

    1. Ovi is very close to putin, known for having one of the legendary credit cards straight to the Russian reserve. He’s doing everything very meticulous so he’s safe as well as his family

  1. Absolutely pathetic response, he should be ashamed of himself, take a stand and put your family on the line in Russia for change, just like the Ukrainian’s are doing now, they are very brave!

    1. its not his business. The warr will go on without his useless opinion, he should act neutral since he is russian with lots of family over there to not risk anything.

  2. Ov was absolutely horrible in this interview! But, like he said very clearly, “I’m Russian” That about sums it up!!!

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