PM Announces New Covid Measures in Jamaica | TVJ News – July 26 2021

Prime Minister Andrew Holness today announced new measures in the wake of rising cases of covid 19. Mr. Holness outlined the measures during a press conference in Jamaica.

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  1. It’s unfortunate they have to tighten restrictions already. Why can’t we take responsibility for ourselves?

    1. @andrew rowe some have it assume it is a cold. Can transmit to others who maybe cannot do well with it.
      Its the risk factor, and its here even if you in particular dont see evidence in your community. Ck local hospitals for a better view. There all communities join the fight to get well. Its real ugly to see sad too. Dont want that for this beautiful country.
      Glad we have utube for dicussion. That in itself is quite educational

    2. @andrew rowe no specifically no, I am recommending the education of oneself regarding covid. By law we follow curfew and I don’t like it either for anyone. U got better idea how to slow16%
      Positivity rate?. Do you know world health people also keep track of jamaica? Gov seems to be giving correct information. What you do with that is your personal choice.
      I look to my physicians first and stay as safe as I can under these circumstances.

    3. @vgnvzDo you know what is covid because until now the CDC claim they don’t know what it is, so how are you to tell someone they are wrong to think is the flue. Don’t misinterpret education with knowledge because if you have knowledge you would know that if the same virus we saw in Italy and China was in Jamaica the world would be finish (remember ebola).

    4. @vgnvz the only information u can educate your self with is what they allow you access to. So I will stick to knowledge and not education sorry.

    5. @vgnvz let’s talk curfew you. As I said before taxi and buses still full supermarkets and stores also within the no curfew hours so what the sense . On the other hand the tourism industry is still alive. My solution is if you don’t know do as you do in a hurricane.

    1. True. It is risk unless all comply with measures. Sad that ja just cant stop behaviors that hurt us all. Bundle up in stores, in line, no mask. You will bring covid home to others by no compliance.

    2. @vgnvz good point but we have to work with fact people must eat am sure many don’t even know where the first meal coming from

    3. @Terbo Blaze mewsic I do know people are hurting for food. What grows in yard here is shared with friends and neighbors.
      I heard jamaica did this years ago. More sharing of food and farm work.
      I could not buy eggs in lucea, someone right at my shoulder though I waited for open.
      This behavior and no mask correct is big factor. All must comply or these awful curfews will go on
      Vax not here and when it is, not many line up.
      I am frightened for myself and ppl of jamaica.

    4. @vgnvz I’m sadly feeling it myself, if everyone do the right thing! knowone can be wrong

    5. @Terbo Blaze mewsic if you know of someone needing food, radio feel good 98.1 has had food drive on saturdays. Located near highlow in negril.
      Name of station owner. Mr. solomon. Next to dr. Grants office. I dont know if he still is engaged with food distribution but he was a month or so ago. Good soul who may direct. Blessings to all of us terbo blaze

  2. I just pray to God that this virus will leave us alone. My prayers go out to my country. ❤️❤️

    1. @starbwoi 1 to my understanding bro and of others the language that our people spoke was (BANTU) which has over 500 languages, Have you seen the series SHAKA ZULU?

    2. @Page One every where you go you utter pure filth out of you mouth ,You have blaspheme so many times ,continue on your path “the best is yet to come !!!

    3. Because you serve the white man who is the devil. Your white god which is Christianity can’t help us!! This plan-demic is of the god you serve, the white Jesus!!! Idiots God doesn’t listen to sinners prayers, you can go check John 9:31. We all have been trick by Christianity, go read what Christianity did to God’s chosen people!!! There’s no religion in the bible then where did it come from? The white man’s university!! Your PM is a slave to the white man, a puppet!!

  3. Jamaican need to open your eyes this pm is doing as he like after he have his birthday is anniversary and his son birthday the he dropped the time open up your eyes and stop worship the pm he is not God can nat be and will never be

    1. So he had party b4 he lockdown everyone for independence day, what ah ting, So covid wasn’t a risk when he and his family was celebrating.

    2. SMH 🤦🏿‍♂️ have to laugh; the sad thing is people are wide awake and not seeing what’s really going on!! Yes we might have COVID and yes cases may be rising but the PM is out of control and becoming a dictator! While this is my opinion let who have eyes and half a brain see.

  4. I have come to realize, that you have to be posessed with a strange type of character, to be constantly making these announcement that are of a dubious nature.
    How long can you bear the burden of carrying out this agenda?

    1. I am.very skeptical and I can’t bring myself to buy into all this while ignoring the level of crime and poverty, lack of opportunities etc!!!

    2. From Day One I believe nothing they say. Something is out there and when we were Locked up last Year April I always saw movement in the sky only Jah Knows the symptoms are like Flu that we’ve all had and our own natural immune systems fought it. The leaflet say the Vaccines are to boost our Immune Systems but we can do that ourselves. 🖤🙏🏿

    3. @badbwoy4ever 💯No jobs or prospect for our young, even if they work super hard. Senseless killings just incredibly sad!
      Take Care👊🏿🖤🙏🏿👑

    1. It’s to satisfy the “Something must be done” brigade. Think of Covid as a cult religion.
      The curfews and protocols will make no difference whatsoever, the lurgy will spread regardless what we do, but making us all poorer serves as a sacrifice to this new God called Covid, where some spineless folk feel the need to flagellate themselves as they cower behind the sofa in fear. The high priests chant and wave their arms about and they take offerings from your pocket.
      The High priest can then claim “There I did something…I made you poorer and be grateful as I spend your offering, my sheep”.

  5. A lot of people don’t take this virus seriously until it hits one of their family members 🙄

    1. @vgnvz people die daily from different things daily but we don.
      ‘t hear bout them, instead they use these case to build on fraudvid cases, what makes fraudvid so important, y’all should wake up

  6. Wearing a mask, and social distance helps a lot and that is happening because when you looked at the transportation it a shame to see ppl stting on each other.

    1. Yes wearing the face nappy is very symbolic. It has absolutely no health benefits, will not prevent you getting a respiratory virus. It represents that you’ve submitted to the new God cult Covid.

  7. What sense does it make ,we are not all kids ,locking us into house like slaves look .we all knew that after his birthday he wouldn’t do this how much does by guns a day and how many by covic.what should we be doing.?

  8. A time now the pastors open up their mouth and get the church in the street. This is a diabolical, stronghold warfare

    1. Lot of pastor telling congregation to take VACCINE,what about psalm 35 &91 23 ,many are called but chosen are few

    2. @Karlene Mcpherson They are sellout they don’t want to lose nothing in this world they want it all but we carry nothing into this world and we ain’t taking nothing out, HELL will be there 💯 portion.

    3. @Karlene Mcpherson they are hirelings. Not called. My pastor no tell me to take it. He’s rather silent about it.

  9. We all know he was going on say that after the appleton estate big party in Clarendon where all the rich man was

  10. People we need to do the right thing, we all have to play our part and stop blame game,doctors blaming him, oppositions blaming the citizens blaming him,all sector’s of the country what can he do,people everyone of us play our part we all are in this thing together.

  11. My flight comes in at 4:30 ,I won’t reach trelawny until about 8 pm ,plus my family members have to pick me up so I guess I will get a pass from the airport??

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