PM Hopeful About Crime Fight & Garbage Collection | TVJ News – Sept 29 2022

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  1. Isn’t this wonderful news? After 50+ years of high crime, we finally have a government who realizes it’s a problem and is going to do something about it! This story has made my day!

    1. It takes him a long time to realize how many people have to die for him to do something to the people he claims he loves

  2. We need a new minister of national security and commissioner of police….immediately…that’s what we also need…figure head…

    1. What we need is a return to Godliness, discipline and fathers in the homes. A few strict laws will also help as well

    2. You have the government or the streets raise your yutes, Jamaicans need to go back to (it tek a village to raise the yutes)

  3. If and when Jamaica really want to fight crime they will put in place the eye in the sky then and only then will crime start to get stamp out of Jamaica 🇯🇲

  4. Not only those issues alone but We also need more Buses on the Road, its time for These Prime Ministers to be more vigilant in serving the People.

  5. Enough of the pageantry…..these symbolic gestures are a waste of time have has no teeth. Deliver the strongest and most punitive crime plan once and for all. We have sent people to the moon and back in the time we have been talking about a crime plan……

  6. Many Jamaicans as taking the Lord out of their hearts and filled it with
    Believing in man kind
    Material things
    Not here to preaching to no one but the whole world lost its ways ,everyone need to play a good role in them community and other communities…walk good beautiful black people one love

  7. Sar how long yu sit down on your hand and done nothing?? So how all of a sudden election coming and now you a claim yu a fix this that and the other? Step down sar

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