Man who Broke Lock in Bog Walk Gorge Video Speak Out | TVJ News – Sept 29 2022

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  1. The question weh me want to ask the driver is if a Kent village him live then I can understand if not then what he did was beyond stupidity.

    1. He lives in the viallage right after this lane.. so there is a valid reason why he did that. I it distasteful for residents who are living nearby. Closed guarge unattended. Rubbish

    2. @Pablo Bowman fully understand because I was saying to myself when seeing that pic that he got to be living in the area to be doing that.

  2. For a sick child your apology is accepted, the government was wrong too for not placing a rescue team near by the community.

  3. A the minister of national security and commissioner Unuh fi put under house arrest…not doing one rss…them hold those posts long enough…why other commissioners and ministers left with short notice…

    1. Citizens SAFETY come first the abandoned presumed to be COKE is yet to be determined…Did he close the gate afterward preventing anyone after not to cross at will…

    2. So you’re suggesting that because is a simple offense it should not be in the purview of the pm? It’s opinions like this that keep our society indisciplined and backwards. He needs to be fined heavily for his actions. He’s lucky he’s not living in a first world country. He’s be locked up and punished already

    3. And all how oreo haven’t spoken on Donnalee case buy him chat pon juck , pox everything that him masters them instruct him fi do.

  4. Even though it is wrong to broke the lock, but there is a big community behind that gate get a security let the people show a valid ID then let them in.

    1. @FlavaMax Tv again there is a community behind the gate if you don’t know what is a community is a place where people live, so if you going to lock the gate put a security there so the people can show a valid ID on go to there home, you don’t live there so you can say anything

  5. No one of us is perfect anyone in this chat that is perfect dash the first stone…kmt tell me now he made a mistake yes! But any of us that had children would do the same if you say you love that child and thats the only option … we need to stop point finger and kill each other over things of this country that can over look and move to the bigger and greater problems , cause there is so much more…come on people i don’t think this man is so stupid to know how flat bridge is when it’s raining heavily and going to try save his sick child by going through death penalty to. really ! make no sense…this simple mean he lives behind the gate and need to get his child home. Out of the weather. 🤔🤔🤔

  6. Okay since the the Prime minister want to prosecute the man for opening the gate why he don’t come out and say also prosecute the man who put that gate up for a 100 million and the gate is not valued that

  7. The man is not WRONG to break the 🔐 lock.. This man must be given a real explanation.
    How can anyone pod lock a gate with people inside and outside of a community.
    If the gate is necessary, then it must be manned.

    1. True but still doesn’t give him the right to endangered the larger public. You would not be so sympathetic had one of your family member approach the open gate and deemed is safe for commute.
      Not advocating for life in prison but he must be charged…taking the law in your hand is WRONG ON ALL LEVELS.

  8. Y’all should stop blaming the man a blame the interviewer that asked irrelevant question. They should’ve shown or ask where he reside. And ask the prime minister why the guarge did go closer to the bridge or have someone operating the gate 🙄🙄

  9. Investigate the man breaking a lock with his sick child in the vehicle and the members of parliament that has committed more heinous crimes are yet to be held accountable.

    1. @Ro That’s Kerizi FX says another law breaker who thinks that only violence and drug trafficking are the only crimes


  11. I don’t understand, if people live within these gates what other option do they have if the gates are bolted? Something is a bit off here… I hope they are able to come up with a solution. This gentleman obviously felt he had no choice, due to extenuating circumstances. I hope they will be lenient as he doesn’t seem to be a bad person. Unfortunate.

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