1. Why no answer about whether he intends to increase production of oil and gas to sell internationally as an alternative to the Russian hydrocarbons.

    1. @vosco we got lots capped in the west ready for production. The east should never be buying it. We need trans canada line put in. We need to be self reliant on energy

    2. Trudeau is incapable of answering ANY question! His new favorite word: “illegal” . He personally knows the meaning of that!

    3. @vosco Or maybe just reopen ONE of the pipelines that we worked YEARS on…… Or maybe open them all up.

    1. @Carla g. Throw every one of the psychopaths in a pig pen and let them figure it out instead of the victims they have planned from each of their countries. There. Diplomacy.

    2. @Carla g
      Trudeau got 31.5% of the vote and O’Toole got 31% of the vote. Trudeau lost the popular vote by over one million votes. If Canada had an equitable seat distribution Trudeau would have lost the last election by millions more.

    1. I only except one thing from justin. Him resigning. But be best seeing him in jail without his hairdresser

  2. canada as 3rd in the world for proven oil could supply the world…………….so could the states…….199 billion bbl

    1. Did you know that it costs lots of money to get oil out of the ground? If it costs nearly as much getting it out of the ground as selling it, oil companies won’t do it. That’s called economics 101.

    2. @W. Steven Vincent Show your face in public and say you’re a Trudeau supporter see how many laugh at you

    1. It means they stay fat and rich on taxpayers money, while we foot the bill. We will not help but the taxpayers will take more refugees.

  3. Watching this I could picture Putin saying I will stop the war if Trudeau will face me in 6 round ultimate fight. How much would the tickets go for?

    1. I been saying for a while we need to just build a giant Hungergames Stadium 🏟 throw all the politicians in it and who ever survives can be Supreme Leader and after they can just Mad Max Thunderdome anyone who challenges them

  4. I bet Putin is shaking in his boots ever since he heard that JT was coming after him? LMFAO!!!!

    1. No doubt! With his pink and purple collared shirts and ties trying to look tough against Putin! LMAO!

  5. Both Boris and Justin thank their lucky stars that the Ukraine situation has take their own political crisis off the front page.

  6. The war in Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ is meant to open your eyes to the reality in the financial system. Real estate firm and other businesses are also closed too only crypto holders are spending money with ease..

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