Reports that massive Russian convoy may be stuck, talks with Ukraine may resume | CTV News in Lviv

March 7: Russia is blaming Ukraine for the breakdown in talks to establish 'humanitarian corridors.' Paul Workman reports from Lviv.

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  1. Word is they were trying to use vodka for fuel and it destroyed the engines. Apparently there are no engineers, all untrained new recruits.

    1. They used the vehicle fuel to make themselves Vodka, and it destroyed their liver. No skill whatsoever. The convoy will eventually end up in Ukraine’s arsenal.

  2. It’s got to smell pretty ripe in those vehicles at this point. Maybe they’ll stink themselves to death.

  3. One safe corridor was to Belarus and to russia. Could it be there’s russian descendents in danger. What is the Ukraine army up to. Would explain why no generals are giving briefings.

    1. It’s there because that is the very tip of the range of Russian artillery. They’ll shell Kyiv until they feel comfortable enough going in. This is not rocket science.

    2. Yea it’s some kind of reason I mean if Ukraine had jets and could use the air to bomb pretty sure it wouldn’t be parked there but if they get some fighter jets that’s free kills and or a massive scrap yard

    3. @James Sounds like they are using javelins and snipers to pick some off and muck them up more, but using jets is dangerous since the Russians have lots of missiles and stuff.

  4. Russia is following North Koreas footsteps. It’s like they’re identical twins now. Russia and North Korea should get on rocketships and find a new planet lol

  5. They said he’s in Ukraine!? What is he like broadcasting off a scissor lift 30 feet high lmao

  6. I would imagine that if nuclear weapons didn’t exist, Russia’s military presence in Ukraine would have been completely obliterated by now. They map out their strategy and logistics with crayons while making gun noises and their vehicles look like they’ve been sitting in a barn for the past 30-40 years.

  7. They’re not stuck you guys obviously don’t know what it takes to move an armored convoy like that and how much fuel it takes

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