PM Trudeau calls for global carbon pricing plan by 2030

Prime Minister Trudeau took the stage at COP26, calling for 60 per cent of the world to adopt carbon pricing plans by 2030.

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  1. And what is this going to cost the Canadian Taxpayer? Carbon tax does not address climate change it only fills the pockets of politicians

    1. @TheToledoTrumpton I agree hospitals in Canada are underfunded and understaffed. Not sure how that disagrees with my point.

    2. @Jrod RC I know. It truly amazes me that gullible fools believe you get any of this money back in rebates, grants, or anything else.

    1. A carbon tax will work, since it’ll make green energy much cheaper. But it’ll only work if everyone does it.

    2. @thefly373

      It is more effective the more countries are onboard, which is part of what this announcement was about 🙂

      It’s still effective though regardless of whether everyone does it or not.

    3. @TheSecretAgent you do realize that since the carbon tax was introduced in canada it has done nothing but make things cost more. pretty sure our emissions have gone up

    4. @TheSecretAgent also you do realize that there are about 4 or 5 countries that make up over 50% of the worlds emissions right? canada would have to go to -50% of the worlds emissions to make a difference.

    1. @thefly373 they are all part of the very very same crownazi mafia family. Lawless terrorists every single agent! I hope they all catch on fire!!!!!!!!!!

    2. There is only one party, the party of power. Voting is just a decompression that allows the slaves to feel like they matter while they cover their eyes and pretend there is no evil to see, cover their ears and hear no evil to effect them, and close their lips lest the evils they might speak against target them.

    3. @Maxime Lefin Perhaps it’s time for a political revolution. We’ve rid ourselves of useless royals, next it’s useless politicians. Technology certainly exists today to render them mostly redundant anyway.

    1. the west is pissed, the east is pissed, and Toronto keeps living in its miserable little bubble voting for their liberal handouts.

  2. If he put that tax money into battery production/development, carbon capture sites across the globe, recycling and manufacturing here at home id have no issues with it.

    Where is it going now?

    1. @DaLeSinanan lolz. Electric cars with rare earth minerals from slav labour in the Congo and lithium from open pits in Chile that kills birds and destroys the environment but hey, w/e🤷‍♂️🤡🤡👌🐑🤪

    1. @The Hate Factory I’m not sure where that came from. Maybe wipe the slobber off your chin and pay attention to what you’re reading.

  3. “We should do something, only, let’s set the target after my next 2 terms so that nobody can hold me to having done it during the next two elections.”

  4. Here’s the biggest liar in the book calling for something that he won’t have to answer to by 2030. As long as the doughead continues to make things rough for manufacturers in Canada, they’ll continue to pack up operations and move south. Way to go, doughead.

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