'This is a start': Premier Ford asked if he could live off $15/hour 1

‘This is a start’: Premier Ford asked if he could live off $15/hour


Ontario Premier Doug Ford was asked if he could live off $15 per hour as his government announced they will raise the minimum wage in 2022.

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    1. Even McDonalds offers $20 an hour at the moment. If you’re making minimum wage it’s because you’re a lazy troglodyte.

    1. I agree with you, he should’ve raised it to 15 in 2019. To my knowledge before Deco Labels and Politics DF was a Drug Dealer when he was young.

  1. Everything gets more expensive to survive. The paycheque is the only thing that fails to keep pace with inflation.

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  3. It’s not just the wage it’s also the cost… you can thank Trudeau and Biden for the skyrocketing costs.

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