PM Trudeau defends throne speech in HoC 1

PM Trudeau defends throne speech in HoC


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defends the throne speech in the House of Commons and questions which specific spending measures do the Conservatives not support.

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  1. How he says “we did this for canadians, we did that for canadians” dude you did nothing but spend Canadians money lol. At least be honest about the mechanism used to fund the operation, the deficit is paid by everyone so you (the government) helped no one, you just gave everyone a low interest loan.

    1. @Johnyblaze62
      Hmmmm you dont look like youre in high school …. betting you cant wait for the trump landslide against peepads and kneepads though

    2. @BenjaminFranklin2u the literal definition of deficit is an excess of expenditure or liabilities over income or assets in a given period. Meaning our glorious liberal leader Justin Trudeau is spending money that he does not have and that is putting Canada deeper in debt. And no silly child a government cannot just print more money as you seem to think unkess that government wants to totalky devalie its currency, just like Venezuela.
      Hush up child adults are talking.

  2. side note, is JT in favour of no masks inside as long as we are a few chairs apart? I thought we still had to wear masks inside no matter what?

    1. He answers questions?

      Really… I thought he just wasted people’s time with deflection, half truths, whole lies and verbal dihariea.

    1. 2-meters apart with no/low risk of close contact… our Chief Medical Officer, CDC, etc. all say not necessary in that case.

  3. No masks indoors, mixed confusing health messages, random gross amounts of expenditures for the sake of votes and done repeatedly (proving there is no scope to this madness). An eternal national debt for the sake of votes. Sounds like he’s khsthpeaking moistly. At least the uh-uh-uh has stopped. -No politician in any party today is worth my vote.

  4. There are no protections for workers who came back and had their hours cut. Most part time employers require availability for 3 days a week, so if you can’t find another job but have the audacity to work anything above 12 hours a week, Trudeau is not here for you

    Imagine having a full time job, being forced to come back as part time, and being abandoned by your government

  5. what a rich nation with so many poor, homeless, addicted and struggling workers while the elites here get richer and live like royalty. speaking moistly that is.

    1. Thank the cons for that! They work tirelessly to rob every Canadian from their hard earned dollars and hand it to the rich friends overseas! Making Canada poorer everyday.

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