PM Trudeau on resources to evacuate Canadians from Sudan

PM Trudeau speaks to reporters about the situation in Sudan and says they are looking at conducting direct airlifts out of the country.

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    1. Are you a military expert? Can you go and give advice? I’m sure you’ll know exactly how to handle things!!

    1. ā€‹@@PinkestPinkšŸ¦© That’s an invalid argument. He is stating that Trudeau is incompetent, therefore, someone better should replace the said position. Never have they stated that they would be better or fit for the job.

      It’s like someone saying their doctor is bad, your response is “well why don’t you become a doctor” or same could be said for any profession.

    1. Just because you won the “born in Canada loto’ doesn’t mean we should pretend we aren’t human and ignore the plight of other humans.

    2. ā€‹@Nux Kamina The issue is that how do you know which side is truthful? which side needs help? If the said side will appreciate the help?

      The reality is that we do not know enough to have a reasonable understanding of the situation. Therefore, we need time to analyze and assess the situation before taking any action.

    3. @Nux Kamina they would not get involved unless they can see a profit. Helping doesnā€™t factor in.

  1. Canadian consular staff are already out the rest are citizens of convenience who choose to live in Sudan.
    Canada needs to get rid of this dual citizen nonsense.
    You need to be Canadian or Sudanese one or the other.

  2. Weā€¦ugh have ALWAYSā€¦ummmā€¦moved FORWARD with theā€¦ughā€¦what was the question?

  3. It is so complicated, other words I don’t know what to do. I have been so busy doing photo-ops I’ve really not had time.

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