PM Trudeau, O'Toole debate the surging cost of life 1

PM Trudeau, O’Toole debate the surging cost of life


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went back and forth on inflation and the cost of living in Canada.

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  1. The POUNDING of the most USELESS PM this country has ever had coming in the back stretch his Step father for 2nd place back in the 70s

  2. And the housing won’t be the type that is needed. They will build houses priced to the point of unaffordable. The growing lower class need 4 walls and a roof, not 14′ ceilings and brick facades in gated communities.

  3. True indication you’re dealing with a narcissist is when they deflect which Trudeau happens to do at every opportunity.

    1. @Joshua Boudreau Come on! There must be a time limit on blaming the country’s current condition on your predecessor. 6 years is FAR too long!

  4. New Zealand & Switzerland recoupled wages to productivity, at the beginning of the pandemic. Inflation is the result of money printing which is moneylaundering, basic economics, no shortage of homes. Many can’t afford rent or get loans because of wages etc….

  5. Yep and nothing said about the ever growing retirement population and fixed incomes trying to survive the dramatic increases in every area heat ,hydro,, gas food and housing ….

  6. The Senior are not earning and yet they have to pay more everywhere.
    LOTS are without a job and have minimums of 2 kids and have no money no job must pay rent how will they survive there family

  7. There is no end to this pandemic. Variants will always happens.

    Trudeau believes Canadians can get by with low paying part time jobs.. honestly i hate this clown.

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