PM’s Response to Opposition Leader: Summit Not Needed Now | TVJ News – Sept. 1 2021

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  1. One thing,there is a great God,watching you,I fear not, because God is with me, nothing last forever only the good salvation

  2. I think Jamaica should be more prepared for this because we see what happens in other countries we are not learning!!!

  3. JLP Govt in an unenviable position. Theres no move that he makes right now that will please 100% of the population.

  4. If the opposition wad much stronger active and forceful you would meet urgently to unite around this pandemic.

  5. I don’t wrong him one bit here. In such a time when too much is going wrong for the people of the country, even this failure and fraud of a Prime Minister is pointing out to the Opposition Leader what he should be doing. Mobilize the people, not just for some ‘vaccine’ campaign.

  6. Holness cant fight his own created Garrison/ghetto gangs,criminals,yet he think he can lecture for any fool to listen,other countries he would be put in jail for incompetence,other places prosecuted for wrecking an already partial wrecked island..

    1. This is the prosperity you get from a con artist…. all now progress cyaan reach anyone I know of….. tek Jamaicans for fools like you care about us.

  7. Lol dwl 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😂 blame unu self people for voting in this man, mi know him a retired next election, unu feel a Covid ago kill poor people through these lock down a hunger

  8. Holiness the prime minister need to back bench he all about his self not about the people so he think him alone it take bring us out of crisses we need a togetherness with both party

  9. it amazes me that a tiny country of ours with a population of less than 5 million people at this stage in is still under lock down mode..look at one state in the US for example New York where I resides with a population of 18 million people.with the exception of few buisness they deemed nonessential .New York never went under complete lock down. never had any curfews during this whole pandemic and New York now is like it was before covid hit..buisness operating like usual. the once hot spot for covid now has the lowest infections.. what it is that is not working in Jamaica or cant work for Jamaica. yea some Jamaican people hard headed and dont want to follow rules but in the end it will not be the people who will look bad for cant put this covid under control it will be the Govt. work togather regardless of party or who in Govt vs who is Opposition.because everyone are all affected by this pandemic .be fellow citizens first and politicians last.

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