No Set Timeline for Face-to-Face Classes in Jamaica | TVJ News – Sept. 1 2021

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  1. I have classes at the CXC and CAPE levels. I will go in to teach 14 sessions of face to face upper school classes, providing my students get vaccinated. However, how will I effectively cater to the 40% who will be online which constitutes 20 sessions? Last year, I went in four days per week for face to face classes but had to be rushing home after to teach my other five online classes because there was not an effecient internet service at school. I was so burnt out, my pressure went up. The students who were not online, I had to make other arrangements for them. I pray this pandemic will be over soon otherwise, we will have a society of young people who are bearly literate or numerate.

    1. @Good One time for everything it will have to done in the mighty name of Jesus christ of Nazareth ecclesiastical 3,

  2. There is nothing wrong with no face to face classes but the teachers are not decated enough teachers not coming to class cause of personal issues this is what we need to address
    I have cxc coming up and I’m extremely nervous

  3. if teachers have option to vax why close the schools? let who wa vax gwan and open up the school! awful news 🙄

  4. When uno ago stop tell lie….tricking Kids to take vaccine when they do yall come with some other crap!!! Smh the nation kids education are in jeopardy. Many dont even have a device for online learning much less internet.

  5. How do you feel now parents ,who dragged your children to be slaughtered with vaccine?. Anju tricked you. Too gullible and cruel.

    1. Listen who u r don’t let ure ignorance get the better of you, do the maths. There are millions of people take the vaccine and still alive. We did vaccinate when we were younger and we stiil alive. Stop reading the bad things people saying. Why u person aways gossip about the bad and not the good you people out there stop out weight bad over goodWhen people get a bad news they are quick to spread it and when it’s good people don’t

  6. The kids could have gone back to school a long time ago, the government went and open clubs and party events. Kids are at home playing with other kids outside there homes, so what’s the difference if they went back to school then. Mr governor you ever stop to think how many parents can afford to put credit on there tablets phones on a daily basis, when they can’t even fine a night’s dinner.

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