Poilievre accuses Liberals of adding a ‘second carbon tax’

During question period on Wednesday, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre accused the Liberals of adding a 'second carbon tax.'

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    1. ​@Rick Lang You do realize BC has its own version of the clean fuel standard? Its a cap-and-trade system, which is more costly btw because you have to allocate allowances. So the federal government continues to add federal regulations on top of the federal carbon tax while the provinces also have stringent policies.

  1. She’s a piece of work. I’m not an electrician like Jeff. I can’t keep up with rising -everything.

  2. I live in a townhome from the 40’s. I rent, I don’t get to choose my heating, why am I being forced to pay more??? Lets keep the poor poor right Finance minister? wouldn’t it be better to offer incentives to energy companies to come up with better solutions, than to take food out of my kids mouths?

    1. Id argue hypocrisy and tribal politics is our biggest challenge. I mean Poilievre supported 3 CPC leaders (O’Toole, Scheer, Harper) now who all wanted a carbon tax.

    1. exactly, its adding regulations on top of the carbon tax. That’s worse than just having a carbon tax and ramping it up, lol. BC has its own version of the clean fuel standard.

    1. Yeah, I think I’ll vote them in for a fourth term, for lack of better options more than anything else. See you at the ballot in 2025!

  3. Pierre: “How much is the new tax going to be?”
    Freeland:”Let me tell you about Jeff”😂

    1. Anyone who “trusts” any party is a fool. Yes, I vote for a party, but “trust”? Omg 😂😂

  4. I kind of think ” Mother Nature” doesn’t worry about a carbon tax ! and what happens is beyond a tax grab control!!

  5. This is getting way to funny, (OUTSIDE of the avg Canadian struggling) it’s better than TV, you can’t scripted comedy any better than this.

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