Poilievre on what he wants out of Biden’s visit to Canada

Conservative Leader Poilievre outlines his party's demands for the PM ahead of Biden's visit.

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    1. ​@Paying more will save the planet. Volkswagen made a rather vague announcement of there being $10B investment in their company, but they would not say who. 1+1 = $10B of Canadian taxpayer money.

    1. I am SO curious if this was an accident or not. I’ve noticed he does flub like that occassionally so I could go either way. Was calling him O’Biden a thing before?

    2. ​@TechHelpWizard Genie Sarah Palin called him that once in the vp debate

      Apparently it was like a huge thing she had to practice against in debate prep…..because…..I guess politely put…..she had a hard time remembering the name

      I don’t think pp’s capacity to remember basic names is as limited

      Probably a club

      He cited a Harper Obama relationship/agreement earlier…he probably was starting to say O..bama…but quickly edited it

      That makes sense

    1. ​@Handsome Pete joined 6 months ago? Must of missed a few things Canadians are currently struggling with..

    2. He said back in 2021 that one of the best ways to fight inflation in Canada is to invest in cryptocurrency.

    3. @Handsome Pete  I understand that.. I would of gladly lost half my money instead of all of it under sockboy.

    4. @Darryl Cote Would “have”. Not “of” Must “have”. Not “of”. I’d love to know what you thought “would of” actually meant. Stay in school kids. And read actual books. At least that explains the primary school name-calling.

  1. Freeland will announce boondoggle like Canada Growth Fund $15 billion. More corporate welfare.

    1. @Orisha Eshu All he has to do is call his convoy buddies to make Ottawa unsafe enough for the President of the United States to visit. Easy.

    1. He will get my vote because we have no other option but, I am convinced he is a O’Toole in disguise

    1. Washington has agreed to return $4-billion of the more than $5-billion they took in fees. So it did cost the softwood lumber industry over one billion dollars.

    2. ​@Jonathan Cote alright someone who actually knows what happen. Harper let Bush get away with 1 billion.👍

  2. If he wanted a larger say in how international visits are conducted,, he could have simply got himself elected as prime minister. As a loser he has no say in the matter so he should stay within his arcs of fire.

    1. ​@Leon D he didn’t run in either 17 or 20 when the post of leader came.up and a subsequent chance to run would have come

    1. So you would support Justin if he gave the Americans a billion dollars for soft wood lumber(as Harper did)? Wouldn’t that be more “inflationary spending” ?

  3. Pierre – Blame everything on federal government and never blame any provincial government for anything ever – Poilievre

    1. @Chris Brunette Fun fact prime minister of canada is NOT a “King” status and can Not overrule decisions made by each Provincial government and each municipality of each province each city each territory. Keep pretending thinking prime minister is the “King” and has the power rule to overrule all provincial governments. Learn “Jurisdictions” of who controls what before you blame the prime minister. I can gurantee you that you have no idea who controls what.

  4. I’d like to know just what is Poilievre going to do for Canadians? All I seem to hear is him attacking Trudeau. Is he really going to make things better for citizens? I can’t recall any PM that did.

    1. @Mike S Enh, I don’t listen to most politicians. No matter who gets elected it’s always more of the same promises and nothing ever changes that make a difference to anyone’s life.

  5. Distortion and disinformation as well as a salad of misinformation is the forte of this character.

  6. If he tries to finish out the rest of the year on Santa’s nice list. He might get some of the things he asked for.

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