Police demand breathalyzer test at Ontario man’s home

Police spark a social media debate after showing up at man's door for a breathalyzer test based on traffic complaint.

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    1. @youtubemusic1790  when has refusing this test not resulted in an arrest? It’s common knowledge this is the law here.

  1. If they don’t have a warrant you can just close the door. They can keep on knocking till’ they get bored and leave.

    1. That is without question wrong, They can make contact with you after you leave the vehicle for a few hours and you are required to comply. The complaint gives them the legal justification for this test. If you just close the door that gives them the justification to now come in and arrest you. The moment you opened the door and the investigation started you have been detained. The only thing he could have done was not open the door or make contact in anyway.

    2. @Me No, they can’t just come in and arrest you; and it’s best to just not answer the door…

  2. Even if it is legal, it cannot stand in court so what is the point? A judge won’t allow the charge to stick unless they 1) witnessed him drive and 2) drive erratically with their own eyes. I would have declined let them arrest

  3. How is that legal? If I am returning from work directly to home and decide to drink a beer at home I would be screwd.

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