Poilievre: Trudeau hit Canadians with a ‘sucker punch’ by raising interest rates

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre blamed government policies for driving up interest rates and shares how he would improve affordability.

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  1. All you rich 🤑 don’t care . . . You are not gonna do anything . You work for who founds your campaign

    1. Where is the barf emoji on this phone? I had it just a minute ago. Oh, here it is: 🤢🤮🤢🤮

  2. I’m guessing that if the NDP prop up this government until 2025 it’ll be the year the NDP ceases to be an official party in the house.

    1. And if that crazy prediction comes thru do you think the NDP supporters will vote for a western separatist conservative? LOLZ.

    2. I’ll gladly take that bet if the amount is worth my while. You’re name will them be, more appropriately, MrFallingonface.

    1. looking at your picture i can say that he is willing to sacrifice you and children for vote but going ahead no one said you where the smart knife in the drawer

  3. All due respect. The Bank sets the interest rates. Please go after the Bank of Canada. And your part of the Gov’t so it’s also your fault.

    1. Yes but interest rates reflect the overall economic state of the country which the federal government DOES have influence over. When they run up the national debt recklessly and keep raising taxes on everything interest rates will follow shortly behind.

    1. Listen close, he said taxes and clawbacks add up to 80-90% marginal tax rate. When only take home $20 more a week from your $100 raise, that’s marginal tax rate.

  4. I don’t want Trudeau but I don’t like to hear speeches like this which he’s just pointing fingers and proposing naive solutions to our country. We need more focus on the solution than this kindergarten-like fight!

  5. It I very true raising interest rate is hurting middle class and low income only. Price of grocery still high. Price of gas is still high. Saw my gas bill $25 carbon tax. Buying home for families are more expensive. Rents went up. So who is suffering low income and middle class.

  6. Hard at 0630 but fiscal responsible concerns for the the young is not a sprint but a marathon don’t over extend can pay bills ones equity in your home will clearly be seen make sure it’s real and honest. Should be fine. Sawadee Khap.👍🇹🇭🇨🇦

  7. Pierre Poilievre you are wonderful our best leader🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

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