Poilievre: Trudeau ‘unleashed a wave of crime’ in Canada with catch and release bail policies

Pierre Poilievre and several other Consesrvative MPs spoke before the Liberals' expected announcement on bail reform.

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  1. I have a Presto card for TTC that I topped up years ago but will absolutely NOT use it so long as the current laws FAVOUR violent criminals. So much for getting me to give up my car and go green. They’re absolutely no incentive.

  2. No one is responsible for criminals actions except themselves, yes make them do their full time, .Exceptional speech.

    1. You call him bumbling through that “exceptional”? Hate to see what you think average looks like.

  3. Question at 4:18 was well asked. R v Gladue is the most racist law in Canada and an example of institutional racism. An Indigenous person will get way less jail time for the same crime as anyone else.

  4. At 10:39 a reporter asks one of the stupidest questions of the day, then keeps asking them and drawing the most basic, erroneous conclusions. Pierre does a marvellous job calling him out. Unbelievable Liberal logic….worth a listen.

    1. Legit, you see Pierre’s face like what?? For example, if I talked like that to my mom or any elder, I would get hit by a shoe and told to stop being stupid. These are our reporters??? This person should be fired? What an embarrassment to his news agency.

    2. The question after wasn’t bad though, why are they reoffending? Their time in jail should be to prevent them from doing it again, are they not receiving education? You can say lock them away throw away the key, but now that’s just a burden on taxes and funds, proper re-education is the answer to this issue, nobody is born a criminal.

    3. Because they have trauma .. that’s why they commit the crime. They have to be willing to heal that trauma, personality disorder, mental illness, addiction, find adequate housing, community support etc in order to heal. It’s not as simple as this news reporter thinks. Some of these criminals are so far gone and dangerous, sociopathic/psychotic/narcissistic that their brain is literally wired to be that way.

  5. ‘ 40 individuals had 6000 interactions with Vancouver police last year’>We do realize that is insanity?>Doing the same thing over & over again expecting a different result.

  6. Here in Victoria bc,police re arrested a criminal. It was a week ago may 15,he had 44 interactions with police since jan 2023,and was arrested 12 times

    1. I haven’t had 44 interactions with humans in in general in three years, how the heck does one have 44 interactions with the police alone in 5 months????

    2. I remember that statistic.

      There was another statistic that said a small group of repeat offenders (I can’t remember the exact number) committed over 2,000 offences in just one year.

    3. @Myke Lewis Criminals has numerous interactions with police including those who are working INSIDE the police force.

  7. Nice to see a politician answer the tough questions. Trudeau would respond “we will always have the backs of Canadians , let me repeat, bla bla um bla um um”

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  9. Oh more than ever Canadians, please please go to the poles at the next election and stop this tyrannical government . Let’s bring safety back to the streets

  10. It might seem unreasonable to a lot of Canadian peoples, but in countries like Singapore where punishments are very harsh for basically every crime, their crime rate is nearly non existent. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. We don’t live in a world where lack of consequences will improve the actions of the average person.

  11. When I was a kid, we policed our own neighbourhoods. Anyone who stepped out of line would get a quick memorable lesson. It worked well and didn’t require a big expensive bloated bureaucracy and they could go on to live productive lives with no restrictions after the fact.

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