Poilievre’s comments on Bank of Canada about ‘getting attention’: Rick Peterson

Former Conservative leadership candidate Rick Peterson joins the Press Gallery to discuss Wednesday's CPC leadership debate.

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    1. @HeavyMetal Joe well the others are saying crap we don’t want to hear. Like experiment passes n such

    2. @Geoff Jeffersob 🤣
      But just because they play the game right doesn’t mean they can be trusted. None of them can be trusted in reality. None.
      Want proof? Look around.

    1. @Lorne Myers The conservative party if they ever want to lead the government. Many like me cannot vote for or support such irresponsible ideals that are so alien from the Harper government.

    2. @Craig Tucker it’s the BOC that has become irresponsible, Pierre is just stating that he intends to hold them to account. You enjoying that record breaking high inflation right now? We’ll, the BOC has had a BIG hand in that (and enriched themselves in the process).

  1. OMG BOC admitted they make an error. Pierre has been stating what would happen for years. If you made this big of an error you’d be fired also.

  2. It is dangerious for all Canadian(s) the up and down of economies has got nothing to do with politicians/neither scientist/doctors or anything… maybe just need more time to grasp the entire leadership skills. 🇨🇦🙏😔

    1. Wow that’s completely wrong. You’re saying Trudeau spending this country into the ground and indebting our great grandchildren didn’t affect the country?

    2. @Spe3D3m0n You’re saying that you’d rather the government let our country run itself into the ground during covid? It’s like everyone is ignoring the fact that covid’s economic impact will last for at least the next decade.

  3. How many countries are recoupling their currency back onto gold? Recoupling wages to productivity? The Petro $ is circling the drain

    1. True. Pierre never had one. He was handed a seat by Harper because of his family ties and has never worked in anything but politics.

  4. He’s definitely not talking about it to “get attention” he already has attention. Much more than any other candidate

  5. Pierre didn’t exactly embrace cryptocurrency. He wants Canadians to be free to make their own financial choices whether it be cryptocurrency, precious metals or something else.

  6. Pierre doesn’t have a problem with decentralized cryptocurrency but he does not like Bank controlled or government controlled cryptocurrencies.

  7. Pierre would get the Bank of Canada out of the money printing business. You guys should spend some time watching question. And actually paying attention to what Pierre says. Quit with the hit pieces. You have no credibility because of hit pieces like this.

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