President Biden speaks to U.S. farmers amid global food price spikes | USA TODAY

Joe Biden's visit to an Illinois farm offered a chance to reinforce America's role in helping to alleviate the challenges caused by the Ukraine war.

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    1. Crypto and NFTs are tanking right now. Angela needs to come up with a better system of advertising.

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  2. Things are bad. He is to blame. End of story. Cant wait to see what the price of EV farm equipment will be.

  3. In one year we are energy dependant ,we have record inflation, record illegal immigration, record gas prices,and the threat of nuclear war in Europe! Vote Blue!!

    1. 1970s inflationary cycle was sparked by several factors including President Richard Nixon pressuring Federal Reserve Chairman Arthur Burns to provide him with expansive monetary policy for political purposes.

  4. Americans we can’t afford gas, food, baby formula the best I can do is give 40 billion to Ukraine

  5. Imagine waking up tomorrow and the president says no more gasoline. You must buy an electric car. Meanwhile China and India are selling 20x gas power cars m

    1. ya gotta love India.. it’s the country that you have a better chance of having a cell phone than a toilet in your house

  6. Thanks for adding more ethanol to our gasoline Joe. The Iowa corn oligarchs must be very happy that our vehicles are getting crappy gas mileage. And the price of that low grade fuel 🤪.
    Let’s go Brandon!

    1. @Mine Finder and if the leftard environmentalist did there job they would know it loses about 40% more diesel to make it

  7. The ruble has become the best among the world’s largest currencies in strengthening against the dollar, Bloomberg calculated. Now it costs 11% more than at the beginning of the year.

    In early March, Joe Biden promised to destroy the Russian economy and boasted about the depreciation of the ruble, but now the ruble is worth more than on the day the troops entered Ukraine, and the economic situation in the United States continues to deteriorate. Before the start of the special military operation, 1 dollar cost 81.04 rubles, now 1 dollar costs 63.3 rubles. During this time, the ruble has appreciated by 22%.

    The GDP of the United States in the first quarter of this year collapsed by 1.4%, while inflation reached a record 8.5%. Such high inflation was in the US for the last time back in 1981.

    In Russia, economic growth in the first quarter of this year amounted to 3.7%. RF budget revenue increased by a third (30.4%), which led to a budget surplus of 2,417 billion rubles, which is 3.6 times higher than last year’s surplus. And that’s just for the quarter.

    In short, Biden brought down the wrong economy.

    The Fed, the Bank of England and Switzerland created and financed Hitler and the Third Reich to kill the USSR. And at the Nuremberg trials, the ex-president of the Reichsbank and the Minister of Economics of Nazi Germany, Hjalmar Schacht, suggested that, for the sake of justice, those who nurtured the Third Reich should be put on trial, while mentioning the American corporations General Motors and Ford, as well as the personal manager of the Bank of England Norman Montague. More details about this are written in the book by Professor of Political Economy at the University of Washington Preparat Guido Giacomo “Hitler, inc. How Britain and the United States created the Third Reich.”

    The Anglo-Saxons became the root cause and organizers of the bloodiest war in history. Is history repeating itself now? The Anglo-Saxons nurtured and finance neo-Nazi organizations in Ukraine that kill civilians in Ukraine. Only two countries voted against the UN resolution against the glorification of Nazism: the United States and Ukraine.

    For example, the American site Antiwar in its article “Partnering With Neo-Nazis in Ukraine: An Inconvenient History” wrote that the United States is cooperating with Ukrainian neo-Nazis in the war against Russia. The history of this cooperation goes back many years.

    Member of the House of Representatives from Georgia Marjorie Taylor Green said that since the Obama days, Democrats have been funding Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

    Although the United States is the largest economy in the world, this country still does not have free medicine and higher education. It would be possible to send money from the budget to solve these issues, but Baden preferred to send them to finance neo-Nazis.

    At the moment, an oligarchy has developed in the United States. Scholars Martin Gilens of Princeton and Benjamin Page of Northwestern University conducted a study that showed that the policies of the United States government are in the interests of the rich and their influence groups, and not the wishes of the majority.

  8. Bieden been watching to many Obama interviews. He doesn’t roll up his sleeves as well. It also a hint it’s about to get really full of ___ with his lies

  9. Bumblephuk’s visit to an Illinois farm offered a chance for the local farmers to see first hand,
    the clueless buffoon who is making it nearly impossible for them to earn a living. They sat in
    stunned amazement as Bumblephuk mindlessly babbled on and on about NOTHING! That night,
    as they crawled into bed, they prayed to the heavens…God, please bring back President Trump
    before it’s too late! FJB!

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