Police Advanced in Murder of Chinese Nationals Investigation | TVJ News – Jan 14 2022


  1. If you see something odd say something.
    If you know something tell somebody.
    “The life you save may be your own.”

  2. Apart from robbery and extortion, many of the Chinese are collecting money for the choppers/Yahoo Boys. These boys are unpredictable, hence they lose their lives.

    1. It is good to hear that the police is taking steps to find the murders of the two Chinese nationals good work. Now what about the thousands of Jamaicans that have been murdered and still been murdered even to date? Are they (police)as readily motivated to solve the killing of innocent local people as well?

  3. This is how you must do for the real JAMAICANS as well every citizen life is important gd job 💯🙏🏽🌏🇯🇲❤

  4. If you knew all that information about the Crime in Jamaica why not do Something about it. Too much Criminals in the Police Force.

  5. Man if you really want to tackle crime, invest in the design of surveillance drones or purchase them, technology is the best way to fight crime, this is 2022 not 1962 smfh.

    1. What you taking about if we can’t even get body cam footage from these cops you think wasting funds on drones going to help. They need to make these criminals life uncomfortable patrol everyday random raids.

    2. Still backa time. It’s very sad. They run down everything else that is in the “first world” countries EXCEPT waht can make the country better.

    3. @Bushbomb 21B patrolling everywhere takes more resources and cost more money, air surveillance is superior and cost less, if criminals know they are being watched crime will decrease.

  6. So how u solving this so quick but find it hard to solve ordinary Jamaican crime against each other? Is it because Horrace Chang ah Chinese to or wah? JLP AH SELL OUT

    1. @T absolutely…..he is Jamaican by birth with Chinese backgrounds….u missing the point. Read between the lines…..look how long that blind girl went missing from st Thomas….all now nothing…..2 Chinese got murdered, not even 2 days gone and them find leads…..only the rich and well known and connected can get justice in this country except the poor.

      When u rich, you are dealt with expeditiously…..but when u poor and want justice them drag them foot!

    2. @Andre Hazelle i knew you’ll say I’m a Labourite obvious like the chang argument 🙄 notice me no judge join your tribalism argument an call u PNP… You and Tribalism metallity it ah mash up Jamaica

    3. @Andre Hazelle what I “read between the lines” is you want to blame anyone else but yourselves for killing each other. A simple Google tells me the man has always been in service of some kind, at least trying. While there’s some validity to your point of the poor not getting equal treatment, a worldwide problem, the hatred for the Chinese Jamaican is real. He’s held the position for 10 years, but if you look back 20 yrs, death count remains high regardless of who’s in charge of what.

  7. So a Chinese mad is dead and they are making every effort to catch the killer, so what the F……. K about our own fellow Jamaican citizens. I don’t see they make the same effort.

    1. No we are not bringing any money to Jamaica so no one cares to go the extra mile when Jamaicans are being killed everyday it’s all about the ppl who are bringing the dollars…. it’s such a disgrace.

  8. The Jamaican government should have this same level energy when the victim is poor and of Afro-Jamaican descent.
    Seems like only the rich and those of immigration, colonization or migration descent get this type of attention.
    There is no equality.

  9. Politics have paved the way for crime , based on the criminology that’s allowed from behind the scenes, this is not a community issue , this is island wide governmental – minister of security issues , but on a bigger level , if a man’s heart is not clean , do you really expect the things that are happening around him if unclean to become clean ?

  10. People know who is doing the killing especially the mothers and the girl friends as them feel like no one can dis them and they don’t want to work

  11. It hurts me deeply to say the country of my birth is now an official fail state!!!!! The only thing holding this country together from collapsing is the British constitution. The Jamaican diaspora and citizens needs to have a serious conversation amongst ourselves if the PNP and JLP have destroyed the country and what action can be taken, I know the queen can officially fire Andrew Holness on grounds of him not being able to run the country, but this can only happen if the Jamaican people are united against both parties.

  12. They keep saying they’re going to use every tool they have to stop the crime in JA. I would like to know what tools do they have to fight crimes , right now they are fighting terrorism in JA, this type of situation where double murders are happening nearly every day, even children are been murdered it’s not normal, these killers are terrorist, so what tools do they have to end this madness. What will it take for those in charge to see this is not normal.

  13. 🇯🇲 Jamaica laws too soft… The Jamaican government must stop small Gangs from developing big in JA,, Too much Gang in Jamaica 💯

  14. The Minister laughing like it’s a joke smh.Jamaica government system a joke.The Minister sleeping in crime dwl

  15. There should be no sort of killing. Everyone should team up, help the poor and keep the kids in check
    Parents help the children and if you see you cannot help them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in your community online etc. Take pride out of your eye and seek help. Children in need always ask the wrong person. Then they exploit them. And they finish looking for education. Fast money kills kids. Satisfy with the little you mother can give you. Lord Jesus have mercy

  16. Why is Chang still in office? The police commissioner is a joke, what are these people actually doing for all that bread their getting? My heart bleeds for my beautiful Jamaica smh

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