1. @rex irae true but quality of life is slipping fast under Biden. Hell we have people who used to buy turkey for thanksgiving who can’t even afford it this year. These prices are getting out of control.

    2. @gaming fun50 I’m not going down that rabbit hole for obvious reasons. The thing is there was a tragic loss of life and it is not dignified or decent by any measure to minimize it. This is not the place.

    1. @youmotherlikesit The criminals in the USA also have a lot of guns. Their gun violence tends to be kept mainly to within criminal groups, *The mass murders are always perpetrated by those with NO criminal background*

    2. @Bonnie no their news stations don’t cover it. Also Britain had more stabbing then the USA had deaths to a gun last year no not all of those resulted in death but I think you get my point

    3. @Seth Fardy You seem to be under the impression I’m anti gun, I am not. I own several, I have a S & W AR, Kimber 1911, Taurus 357 snub nose (my dad left that one to me) Taurus 9mm and a 410. My dad was a Vietnam combat vet and he wanted me, his only daughter, to understand gun safety and know how to defend myself. Before he died we had a weekly father/daughter time at the range. I still go every Tuesday for lady’s night, I get to shoot for free, I just have to pay for the targets and silhouettes. Who could pass up that deal, right? On the flip side, I will never value an inanimate object over a human life and I would give them up in a heartbeat if meant human lives would be saved and with every fiber of my being, I hope I’m NEVER put into a position where I have to use lethal force but, I will if I have to. There are some people in this world who should NEVER be able to possess a firearm. I want to do everything possible to keep that from happening. I do everything I can to keep one of mine from becoming an illegal firearm. That’s just how I see things but, you do you Boo.

    4. @sundip patel If you’re a man I feel sorry for you. Seems a tad over emotional. Don’t pass that onto your kids.

  1. I love how the Chief left it open for anyone to answer the questions…speaks well of him.
    So sorry for students, etc. targeted in this. It is a heavy burden, trauma to bear as demonstrated by the Chief’s response to news the shooter was captured.

  2. Just goes to show how much the Chief cares about his job, or rather I should say, cares about the work that he does, every day trying to keep people safe. Applause for that man. One can almost see in his demeanour, after being told that news, his deep respect and admiration for the officers that have brought the suspect in….

  3. Much respect to this Chief of police. Youtube is overloaded with horrific police interactions. It is refreshing to see a Human Being in front of us, being a human.

  4. Great respect for this officer and his team! May God give you all peace throughout this entire process! God help us all!

    1. Here we go again. The most trotted out counter action agains mass shooting. THOUGHTS & PRAYERS.
      Can’t believe the police man thanked god. For what, creating a person that is capable of such a horrible act.
      GUN REFORM is the only action that will reduce mass shootings.
      War weapons belong in war not the general public. American are way to dumb/stupid to realise. That’s why they are losing everything slowly.

  5. Send your kids to school only to hear that they are dead. Wtf is happening to this generation. Condolences to the families.

    1. The system was bound to fail because people rarely actually care about others. It’s usually self benefit or favor for a favor. It was ok for the initial generation but year after year the lies became more and more obvious.

      It’s not gangsta rap. It’s not video games. It’s not television. There were wars, rapes, and violence before all of that was invented.

    2. @Waffles Wafflson We have diversity in Australia, also gun controls and minimal mass shootings, usually around 3-5 people in family murder/suicides. Before you raise our Covid measures let me just say they are long over and a lot of loved grandparents are alive today because, of them.
      Americans equate freedom with personal choice and don’t understand that in some cases the excesses of the few must be curbed in order to give maximum freedom to the many

    3. The Anglosaxon world is over, done, finite, death meanwhile China, Russia and Iran are allies and the new world leaders of CENTURY!

  6. What a great police chief. My heart goes out to the families involved in this tragic incident. It’s so sad how normal this has become

    1. Your heart goes out to the chief? There’s a onesie let this happen they’re disgusting Calverley in less than men. And you’re stupid enough to believe that one minute into the press conference they just happen to catch him then well I guess there’s no cure for stupid.

  7. R.I.P. to those young men who lost there life. To the families may GOD COVER YOU and give you Grace and Mercy

  8. This is so sad,you can’t even send your kids off to college anymore. My prayers are with the families. 😢

    1. Ha and that’s if they make it through elementary, middle, and highschool.. yes it’s been sad but it’s not the answer to take our guns all away. Some of us were trained to respect and defend.

    2. To be fair, this has been happening at college for a long time. I went to University of Arizona back between 2000 and 2004. I believe it was in 2002 that a student shot and killed several people in what I also believe was the engineering college. I was sitting in my grandmother’s house in Denver thanking my lucky stars that my flight had been canceled, as my grandma was visibly upset and at least didn’t have to wait for a phone call. I remember that an incident kept being brought up of an incident in Texas (I believe A&M or UT) back in the 60’s – the infamous bell tower shootings.

      When you have the overwhelming plethora of guns in this country, as we do, isn’t this basically to be expected at this point? When you add glorification of gun culture on top of it, isn’t it just a plain-to-see recipe for disaster? We have both a mental health and gun crisis in this country. BOTH. Another sad day. Sigh. Peace to you and your loved ones.

    3. @Alex Baum OK on this i concede….my university in Canada had a professor of engineering go on a mass killing of other profs..and we also had marc lepine the other engineering freak who’s name is worse than hitler in my province shoot 19 female classmates.

  9. My child graduated from that fantastic school making me a family of the University. My prayers go out to the parents of the deceased. I am heartbroken.

    1. @Carinita🌷 That’s pretty cold what that person just said, well I’m sorry for your nephews loss bullying or not no one should take a life!

    2. @Charles Oneil may God cover these affected families with strength comfort and support. It’s okay I forgive him. He is just assuming something he doesn’t know but love understanding and kindness is the answer not accusations.

    3. @SHIII Thoughts Considering the nickname given to black people meant “ignorance”, white’s tend to be very ignorant themselves lol. Wonder what you are lol.

    4. @SHIII Thoughts Yet, here you are bullying. Luckily Carinita didn’t take the bait, since she knew you an obvious sick puppy. Seems like someone needs to report you to a shrink, b/c you obviously need help thinking killing ONE person further 3 is remotely acceptable simply because they were supposedly bullied (to which there’s absolutely no proof).

  10. My heart goes out to the families of the 3-beautiful, intelligent, innocent, souls that were tragically taken. This is just awful.

  11. This is beyond jacked up. I really feel for the families and students involved. In all of this tragedy I can appreciate how these officers are handling everything. I can appreciate his transparency and you can tell this has really affected him. He feels for these kids.

  12. Condolences to the families and friends of the three young men that are victims of this horrible crime.

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