1. She is the author of “Yes, I Can Say That” but talks about what Dave Chapelle saying as a comedian is harmful like he shouldn’t say it. It’s more like she is the author of “No, You Probably Shouldn’t Say That!”

    1. @Bookmouse and then went on for 2 minutes saying black people didn’t commit the smolocaust and Dave crossed the line 🤣

    2. @copusmultimedia you clearly didn’t listen to her words because you were too caught up in your own head. She was saying precisely that she was not taught about Tulsa in school and she wish she had been.

    1. @Dean F. Is that why they took Boondocks off air? Maybe the cartoon characters have to be a certain color as well?

  2. Lighten up people Dave is just a great comedian and it’s his job to make you laugh and feel uncomfortable at the same time

    1. Read the comments. Now ask yourself is anyone actually offended or does the media/people at top who run the media who want you to believe Dave Chapelle has done something wrong?

    2. @K W nope Lorne Michael’s got a big fat bonus for booking Dave the SNL ratings pinned the dials…it would have been hilarious if an actor dressed up as an Ultra Orthodox Jew ran up on stage and Slapped Dave, it’d been a perfect sequel to the Chris Rock Will S slap!

    1. What a shame you would feel the insecure need to make such an idiotic comment. Why not just say you agree with him providing cover for antisemitism and be done with it?

  3. I watched his monologs from start to finish. And then, I watched it again. I loved every second of it. That man is BRILLIANT. NO DOUBTS!

    1. I’ve watched it a couple times now just to hear the truth because it was soooo refreshing. He is being fair across the board. That is strength and compassion without ego. So much respect.

    2. You’re confusing brilliant and/or funny with being a trans bigot who covers for antisemitism. Both are happening simultaneously. Both are completely true. Not sure why you felt the need to ignore the point of the clip here just to express your undying love.

    3. @Jesi Pohl I was once called *anti Semitic* simply because I didn’t think the US should give billions in aid to the Israeli government and other countries when poverty and homelessness is a reality in America.

  4. One of the most highly entertaining and funny monologs SNL has ever had. And correct me if I’m wrong Lorne Michaels is still running that show, Right?

    1. @M Simmons Let her do it if it makes her happy. I would rather her use her jewness to spell/grammar check than use it for something typical like usury or subversion.

    2. Oh know you spelled a word wrong. Smh. That was hilarious the 30 secs of it that was also somehow half of the monologue they showed here was funny by itself

    1. @Kurt For real! What Kanye said was straight up racist. Everyone in this comment section be all _Nah, that’s cool._

    1. There were many funny moments, but this piece wasn’t about how funny he is. It’s about the antisemitism Dave is providing cover for.

    2. “I don’t want to speak badly of him, because he’s Black,” the comic admitted. “But I have to admit, he’s, um, observably stupid.” this killed me lol

  5. Sharing a link and being afraid of that is the sign of a person who believes the viewer is stupid.

    People watch all things and make up their own minds. If you think the link leads to a lie, combat it with the truth. Dont shoot the messenger, educate him if you think hes wrong.

    Dave Chappelle is a comedian. Comedy is supposed to make you laugh in your seats and think during the car ride home. Thats good Comedy.

  6. I always expect Dave Chappell to push the limits and say something to make me uncomfortable. I’ve accepted that as his style of comedy. His sophisticated satirical wit is often lost on people who take him literally and can’t laugh at their own discomfort. When we were kids, if someone yelled out that someone farted, the response was “whoever smelt it (aka smelled it), dealt it.” Interesting that the monologue is getting so much push back, but nothing is said regarding the skit about “My Potato Hole”.

    1. @team In this particular case, the protected group influences every aspect of society. For one example, take a look at who runs CNN.

    2. There’s no controversy. Media outlets just publish a that to see if they can can get people arguing to get more clicks. Often, they’ll find like 5 people who tweeted some negative reaction and call that a controversy. There will always be someone on twitter claiming to be offended.

    1. @Jim M. Yes, and Hillary Clinton when she said while laughing, “We came, we saw, we killed” when referring to Ghaddafi’s killing. Or Madeline Albright saying the deaths of hundreds of thousand of children in the middle east are worth it? Where is their “empathy and humanity”? What have those politicians you mention done that is in any way comparable to the real death and destruction caused by just these two monsters. I could list many others. I’m waiting.

    2. @Wigans casino sucks Murder, stealing and torture. They have been doing it since 1967. Maps and video’s can prove this

  7. Not surprised that all the news is so against his monologue but the public is loving it. It’s happened with the last few specials too. Why are they trying so hard to convince us to hate him 🤔

    1. If you were smart you’d have already made that decision for yourself. It’s this blind loyal ball washing that is preventing you from seeing his open bigotry of trans people and this obvious providing of cover for antisemitism.

  8. The whole thing is that Dave Chappell is one of the funniest comedians on the planet! He makes jokes, not social commentary. To laugh at some of the idiosyncrasies of different groups is healthy. We all seem a little weird to folks who don’t know our cultures. I felt a little uncomfortable with Dave’s SNL monologue, but bottom line… it was really funny. I think we all need to be less sensitive. No one goes to a comedian for fact checks.

  9. Nothing Dave said was remotely anti-semitic. If you’re offended by “There’s a lot of Jews in Hollywood” – I guess you can’t say, “Most NFL Owners are White”.
    Talking points like this are what hurts Democrats with Middle America. Pointing out things that are TRUE, and not remotely insulting, are somehow taken as an attack.

  10. Her book is “when they come for the comedians, we are all in trouble” then immediately goes after the comedian

    1. @Cliodyn Cycwatch let’s be fair… most of us are not as objective as we would like to believe. We each have natural, human and selective biases and that is ok. What Jews understood from what he said may be different because of those dynamics. And as an African American I understood it differently.

      Let’s flip this a second. When whites, the persons who’s ancestors perpetrated, encouraged, benefited from, stood by and did nothing or buried their head in the sand, makes a claim similar to Dave’s quote in question, that would be wholly incorrect. Because unfortunately whites (not all) were to blame. And it would justify the response that Dave is getting.

      Let’s flip it back. The difference for me is that, blacks were indeed NOT responsible for what happened to the Jews in any way. So to react to us in the same manner you would to those who DID kill your ancestors and who listed your name next ours and dogs, as persona non grata, seems like misplaced aggression, because we are the only other group that has experienced similar circumstances and ours hasn’t stopped.

      So while Jews are rightfully sensitive about words spoken about them, false or true, blacks continue to suffer the real impact of hate…

      Kanye, Kyrie and Dave have used words that are not as impactful as the hate in the one word that is spoken to and about us by those who either hate us or hate that they can’t use the word. Yet as Dave so eloquently questioned in a previous set, why he can say n**ger all day long on tv but can’t says Fa*got [or in this case the J*ws], proves that even in the war of words spoken, blacks remain at the bottom so to blame us just seems nonsensical…

      But like every other human being, I have my own biases 🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. Dave is a genius artist and a keen observer of the human condition. He’s a danger to every one espousing a faulty narrative because he is acutely aware of their hypocrisies and shortcomings as he is of his own. The difference is, he owns his own faults where others don’t.

    1. I have a bad feeling someone will try or succeed in killing him. He reminds in of John Lennon in a way. I hope I’m wrong.

    2. I disagree. Hes got a huge ego. Thinks too much of himself. If he did own it, he would recognize he aint a scholar.

    3. Hahahaha!! What?!?!?! Now this is even funnier than the Chappelle show. When has Dave owned his own faults??? Did you just make that up?????

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