Police Chief Says Daunte Wright Stopped For Driving With Expired Tags | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Police Chief Says Daunte Wright Stopped For Driving With Expired Tags | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. She mistakenly fired her gun instead of her taser?
    Do people fall for this kind of thing? Its the excuse of a 12 year old.
    “I was going only trying to give the guy some help. Its not my fault I accidentally pulled my knife and stabbed him to death. After all, dont we all make these silly little mistakes?… my bad”

    1. Female cop overcompensating in a man’s world. “I’ll show them I can be just as tough as the guys.”

    2. @Rudy O’Brien Some facts to make you more angry… The tasers issued to most police departments weigh about half as much as a glock, have a completely different grip texture, and use a completely different safety mechanism… I could blindfold you and put each of them in your hand and ask you which was which and you could identify them even if you never had held either before. The taser feels like a toy, the glock feels like a handgun (might be because it is a handgun.)

      An inept prosecutor could get a negligent homicide conviction in less than ten minutes by doing exactly what I just suggested. To suggest that a ‘trained’ police officer of any rank couldn’t tell the difference is ridiculous.

      Now for the most infuriating part. She was the senior officer on the scene.

    3. Yeah, like the female cop who mistaken a black dude’s apartment for hers & then ended up killing him. Are they truly that dumb or they think we’re dumb?

    4. @randomizer1666 I guess her defense is going to be the mistake was made under duress, she was “having a bad day”, stress caused the “understandable” error and she is profoundly sorry.

    5. @Rudy O’Brien This is what happens when the legal system holds police to a lower standard than the rest of us.. Keep telling these thugs and bullies that it is ok and all their drinking buddies will cover for them, and they can always plant a gun later and suddenly we have a culture of police abusing power and everyone acting like ‘how did this happen.’ Any police officer with that ‘thin blue line’ flag in their yard should be fired.. Set a zero tolerance policy, see how fast they shape up… Then maybe we can start trusting them enough to have an adult discussion, until then, I am just going to assume that any ‘unsolved case’ was a police officer committing the crime and they refused to investigate them…

  2. Finally someone who is speaking truth and not just words to sound intelligent. Do we want to live in a world where we have death on the patrol looking for simple mistakes.

    1. @Lee – Child Of God 2 You must not be a Black person to fear for your life when getting pulled over.

    2. The officer messed up completely and deserves whatever punishment comes of it, but it wasn’t murder, and I just have one question for you guys… Are we just gonna act like we don’t see the common thread in all of these cases? In every video from George Floyd to Rayshard Brooks to Duante Wright (ALL OF THEM), what’s the common thread? THEY ALL resist arrest. If these guys had any respect for the law, and went quietly they would ALL still be alive.

    3. @Michael James I guess the people who are claiming that black people run from and fight the Police because they are “in fear of their lives” just think that those black people are just plain stupid and can’t realize that running and/or fighting increases the chances of them getting hurt. That’s just so rude of them to assume that of those black people. I don’t think those black people are afraid… OR stupid… they’re defiant.

    4. @Minta Munte It wasn’t murder. It wasn’t premediated. Yeah, she shouldn’t be allowed to use a gun again, but beyond that, what do you expect? Where is your outrage for the actions of Duante Wright? He resisted arrest, and tried to flee.

  3. She pulled out her glock and yelled taser taser taser then fired a shot. Yeah “they need to train our police more” is not enough to justify dudes death.

    1. @The Revolutionary Eseibio The Automatic all you have to do is comply it’s not hard, and I don’t even like cops.

    1. The first time a cop was going to use a taser but mistakenly used a gun, he wasn’t go to use a taser to begin with.

    1. @Candace Nadimi Ok, so we know what happened Jan 6th, but do you know that black people make up 12% of the US population

    2. @Candace Nadimi White people stormed the capitol on Jan 6th! Black people should be allowed to do whatever they want! There’s video of white people doing stupid stuff so now we don’t have to listen to the police, we can resist arrest and flee and you’re not allowed to do anything! It’s 2021 black people don’t have to take responsibility for their actions, right?

  4. brilliantly said, ty both. and this must stop! enough! the senseless murder of black men and women by ‘law enforcement’ must end!

  5. Imagine how many people are driving on expired license, due to Covid and restrictions keeping them from renewal.

    1. @eltorocal LMAO guns are definitely a problem, but I don’t want to live in a society where the bad guys have guns and the good guys don’t. Because that’s what’ll happen if you make guns illegal.

    2. Not to protect the cop in any way and should be jailed 100%. Having said that, but did the victim tried to evade police because of a warrant as well.

  6. Pulled over for expired tags? Just like that army veteran in Virginia. At least the cops there, who implied he was going to get the chair for having an expired tag, stopped jamming a gun in his face to use pepper spray instead, and didn’t get them mixed up.

    1. @Patrice K You’re exactly right. This will never end until the black community rises up and accepts responsibility for their actions. Imagine if Jacob Blake was white for instance… Not one white person besides his momma would stand up for him, but since he’s black, he’s being treated like a martyr.

    2. @Patrice K And to be clear, they shouldn’t. I guess there is no penalty for resisting arrest, ignoring commands, and trying to flee. When you do that, you’re putting you’re life on the line. Not to mention the other people on the road. Nobody is gonna talk about how this guy attempted to drive with his hands cuffed behind his back? That’s not dangerous at all. They should have just let him go. BLM!

    3. @Michael James How would you have any idea what her intent was?
      Do you really think a trained veteran officer confuses her taser and service revolver?

  7. Multiple men with their guns drawn for a traffic stop. You being in a car or taking out your trash is a threat to officers if you are black.

  8. Call it accidental as per the law it is MANSLAUGHTER. Charge the officer accordingly. No More Coverup!!! No More Excuses!!!!

  9. Imagine if a doctor said, “Apologies but I dropped your newborn on the floor and it died. The good news is this is a rare occurence. Next!”

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