Police Defends Controversial Arrest | St. Ann's Man Threaten to Sue Police - July 29 2021 1

Police Defends Controversial Arrest | St. Ann’s Man Threaten to Sue Police – July 29 2021

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    1. @90s DancehallKid discipline and manners…how u send big man under his mother and talk about freedom of speech

    2. Dr coressing his personal feel….ok well..Why not speak from the professional capacity and in line with the oath?

  1. Can A JDF Soldier arrested for using same language During Training At Upper camp? Asking For friend

  2. The police is the biggest gang in Jamaica why they don’t have the same strength to go and find criminals?

    1. Same suh bredda. They operate under the guise of law and order while pushing their own selfish agenda and abusing authority in the process. If you are gonna become a public figure you must enter same being aware that not everyone will be with you. This wuklis force whe Jamaica av consist of a set of ppl who intimidate,corrupt,lie and the list goes on. You went for the man all because him talk outta him mout then u fabricate how much he is a person of interest then all of a sudden he’s apologizing and you no longer have interest in him? It is common practice for police to arrest you for one thing and when the accusations are found to be baseless they cook up something else. This country is a mess!!!!!

    2. @Donnette Jolly u an u madda
      Crasis like u mek police behave suh but until u feel it I will never know
      Move from under me post
      Unu love chat whe unu nu know bout
      Move fra deh!!!

  3. You still need a warrant to enter a person of interest home, what kind of democratic nation is this?.

    1. Jamaica is no longer a democratic. Freedom of speech is no longer allowed. See the police force the young man to apologize then circle it on social media. This is dictatorship. This is what happens in china.

  4. Doctor please dont let your personal belief be someone’s else, everyone should have there own believe..

  5. Get Peter Champagnie mi friend and sue both JCF and hitla andrew…dem bright and outta order fi come ina yuh house and arrest yuh fi freedom of speech

  6. Sue them they are too jumpy, look how people do Portia, and PJ and they never send police to lock up anyone.

  7. Jamaica is in a serious state of turmoil where the laws of the country is being overran by it’s leaders and common people. I don’t want to be a pessimist but it’s hard to believe that after more than 40 years of self destruction, things will get any better without drastic action.

    1. There is a law that is call constitutional laws,, and no laws that jamaican government create can exclud the constitutional laws

  8. So this government badness keep getting stronger and stronger as the day goes by. Are we human or animals here in ja?

  9. Is where this Linday comes from is which law school she went. Well, let’s put it to the courts. She, as she states should enter my premises without a search warrant and let’s see what the courts have to say about it. Is where she comes from.

  10. I don’t see her as nice old lady. I see her as a very privileged person who take away most of the wealth from the Caribbean countries

  11. Everybody’s talking, but no one is willing to take action. Why don’t we all come out on emancipation day and have an all Island demonstration and speak our minds to the authoritarians.

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