Police fire rubber bullets and tear gas in clash 1

Police fire rubber bullets and tear gas in clash


Riot police fired tear gas at protesters in Hong Kong after tens of thousands took to the street for the seventh consecutive weekend amid an ongoing political crisis over a now-suspended extradition bill.

The demonstration had begun as a peaceful march, with organizers estimating that more than 400,000 people had joined the rally, while police said 138,000 took part in the march. Many wore the signature black look that has become a common sight at recent protests and chanted "Free Hong Kong!" as they thronged through the city.

But as the night wore on, thousands defied police orders to march beyond the designated end point toward the Chinese government's liaison office. Protesters spray-painted slogans on walls close to the building, before retreating in the face of a growing police presence.

Intermittent skirmishes continued amid chants of "Liberate Hong Kong," as the crowd headed to the center of the city. Once there, riot police armed with batons and shields fired tear gas to disperse a large group of mostly young activists, who charged police lines armed with metal barricades.

The clashes were the latest in a string of violent confrontations, as the protest movement evolves into a wider call for democratic reform.


    1. @raymund usi no its not. china is a shithole. no city or landmass wants to be part of your shithole country wu mao.

  1. It’s clear the Hong Kong citizens don’t want anything to do with the Chinese government. I completely understand why.

    1. Utha – you are posting on political videos with a new account and you clearly aren’t using the platform for content sharing.
      Your excuse is pretty shallow.
      Nice try though.

    2. @Crimdor
      WTF has that got to do with anything? I have better things to do than record myself playing games that no one watches. Get a life.

    1. @Nomore Illegals please
      I doubt that. Many people see what a big mistake it was to vote for a patholical liar and narcissist like trump who only supports the one percent. Without the rigged electoral college trump wouldnt even have one the first election.

    2. If this happened in the US, they would’ve been shot with real bullets, so get off your high horse.

    1. You an the 3 idiots to like your comment.. USA has no business in this,, This is an issue between China and Hong Kong… And US is too busy fighting among themselves to worry about the world.. right or left, up or down.. bottom or up.. blame trump blame the left blame blame blame.. This is what going on in the US…

    1. @Cory donahue My first statement stands true. What was the first issues Trump took from the American people as soon as he got into office: Our internet privacy away. Bashes the media and so much more. Study Hitler and other dictators and pay close attention to the similarities that we are in now. Mostly pay attention to Hitler and how he obtain power. The small details are very important.

    2. @Jim Milne Actually, Hong Kong was part of China before the British took it from them at the end of the First Opium War in 1842, it was handed back to the Chinese in 1997. According to wiki regarding Government:
      “The Joint Declaration guarantees the Basic Law for 50 years after the transfer of sovereignty. It does not specify how Hong Kong will be governed after 2047, and the central government’s role in determining the territory’s future system of government is the subject of political debate and speculation. Hong Kong’s political and judicial systems may be reintegrated with China’s at that time, or the territory may continue to be administered separately.”

      THe Chinese have been infiltrating the Hong Kong Government since the start and it seems now the Chinese Government is getting impatient and not adhering to the joint declaration.


  2. Us is soon to exploding the same fashion as China and the rest of the world including how Venezuela went. Or is this just building up more momentum. In the moment you hear our government called martial law then it’s on and Poppin.

  3. What about the French yellow vests? Over 5 dead and 18 lost eyes of these bullets. For 12 months

    1. @Cameron J He is trying to say if this riot happens in the western country, police would use real bullets.

    2. @Shawn and the people would bring out an arsenal of weapons and splatter those bloody pigs guts all over DC. Riot police only attack unarmed protestors and i dont think the army will turn on us when it comes to overthrowing our government

  4. When they whipped out the rubber bullets, they no longer see you as a citizen, but a threat

    1. When they whip out the less than lethal ammo, to be fired through a fog indiscriminately at citizens, that’s when the police cease to be citizens… Mercenaries, assassins.

  5. Good lawd!!! 7 weeks straight of protests. (I can respect that.) Residents of Hong Kong are Very persistent. Over here in America, our protesting would’ve ended 6 weeks and 6 days ago.

    1. You have been sleeping for the last three years.Everyday there are protest against law and order.

    2. We need to start using force against the government. Blacks, Whites and Mexicans need to start finding their leaders and organize for a SHTF scenario. When peacefull protest arent effective an armed rebellion is the answer. Arm up for its going to get real here in America. Its just a matter of time. Death to the new world order!

    3. If this were black ppl, the news would have said that we are rioting and looting, notice a trend ?

  6. Stay safe Hong Kong… your government sadly sees you as criminals. If they fire rubber bullets and beat you with batons they mean to maim or kill you.

  7. Only rubber bullet are used where these protesters are attacking the Hong Kong Beijing office ? Where are all the military tanks ?

  8. I saw the UK flag and I just wonder does UK accept them who is leaving their EU allies. That explains some believe the protest is influenced by some international forces.

  9. Oh Gord! The police are making them protestors move along. And last night a mob was beating ‘the free umbrellas’ at the train station.

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