Police killings: New study shows more than half officially unreported | USA TODAY 1

Police killings: New study shows more than half officially unreported | USA TODAY


Researchers estimate that 17,100 deaths from police violence went unreported during a nearly 40-year period.
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More than half of police killings in the U.S. are not reported in official government data, and Black Americans are most likely to experience fatal police violence, according to a new study released Thursday.

An estimated 55% of deaths from police violence from 1980 to 2018 were misclassified or unreported in official vital statistics reports, according to the peer-reviewed study by a group of more than 90 collaborators in The Lancet, one of the world's oldest and most renowned medical journals.

Previous studies have found similar rates of underreporting, but the new paper is one of the longest study periods to date.

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  1. Pakistan is going to send back American diplomat from Pakistan and also going to ban American air service from Pakistan.

    1. @Joe Dead Thats not the narrative. The narrative is cops are explicitly lying, and killing people in the streets without due reason or process. Which isn’t at all what this investigation has uncovered, but they’re trying to spin it that way with their language.

    2. @Blk Cease Explain why these cases are explicitly referred to as cases of police violence outright, without any attached context whatsoever. Even your assessment that they were trying to “hide the numbers” lacks context. How do you not see that? What specifically leads you to believe that these are cases of corruption, and not incompetence. Unclassified or unreported doesn’t explicitely mean they’re trying to hide something. This requires an investigation to know for sure, but you’ve already made up your mind without any necessary information. Which is why they framed their language in this way. To deceive you.

    3. @Blk Cease Why do you think they included that assessment from that author, which also has no context for her to make her judgements. They’re not reporting news, they’re spinning a narrative. But you’re too dumb to see it.

  2. That headline!!! not sure who is dumber….the people who wrote that or the people who believe it.

    1. It’s hard when like Utah rep Burgess Owens said 70% of black fathers are absent due to government intervention.

    2. Because fathers bail and they’re stuck doing it alone , but they knew that going into it so they might wanna think about doing some butt stuff

    3. @Corn Pop It’s the real systemic racism. Government welfare encourages the divide of the black nuclear family. Get married go it alone, stay single get foodstamps, cellphone, public housing, utility assistance, free healthcare, free school lunch, tuition assistance, and lots more. The system is flawed, and it pays itself, because when lil glock dawg grows up without a dad, he ends up dead or in prison feeding more tax dollars to the prison industrial complex.

  3. It hasn’t been reported but we know it’s out there even though it hasn’t been reported hence systemic racism…

    1. @Chavvy The video explicitly provides a quote from a blm supporter, claiming this is about race. Without any context, but USA today did not care about that.

  4. Officially Unreported? There is literally no way it can be official unless you have the real number of unreported cases at which point it’s no longer unreported.

    1. If I kill somebody and police knows it, it’s officially I’m a murderer if is not reported to authorities I’m still a murderer just not been reported officially as one. Is that so difficult to understand English is not my first language and I understood that.

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