Police, Paramedics Charged In Death Of Elijah McClain 1

Police, Paramedics Charged In Death Of Elijah McClain


Rev. Al Sharpton and Gabe Gutierrez join Chris Jansing to discuss charges in the death of Elijah McClain.
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    1. @Brian Jones Do you realy not have anything more important to do in your life then this?! How sad 🙁
      You wasted away this precious time of yours with provocation and hate

    2. Brian Jones bro lmao you freedom loving chuds watch a video where cops grab a guy and put him in a chokehold because he “looked suspicious” and blame the citizen genuinely the hypocrisy is insane

  1. It’s about time they charged those murderer. How can someone resist arrest when they did nothing to be arrested for.

    1. @Scott Shurson No he had not. The fact you’re on here so desperately trying to spread lies about this dead innocent young man shows clearly what a rotten disgusting creep you are.

    2. @Scott Shurson You’re Making up false lies… Elijah have no criminal record or nor has he never been in trouble with the law before…. Keep making up false lies!

    3. @Scott Shurson They had no reason to stop that guy at all. Are question him about anything. Because they saw him do nothing bigot.

    4. Seems it’s illegal to be walking while black according to these murderers. Take them all to prison and throw away the key. My heart is broken for this young man and his family. My deepest condolences to the family and friends.

    5. @Scott Shurson “Just trying to question him.” Multiple armed men surrounding him, laying hands on him, aggressively asserting their dominance, while he is certainly aware of what too often happens to young black men in these circumstances, must have been terrifying to him. And, sure enough, all those fears were justified, as they subdued and killed him.
      I don’t know if you have ever been in a ‘fight or flight” situation, but evolutionarily, we are no longer in conversation mode.
      The police have the upper hand (ten hands, here, actually), and they have a duty to keep things calm, especially including themselves. Yet far too often they try to psychologically shock and awe the suspect, which escalates the terror.
      Imagine yourself on vacation being surrounded by, say, angry, pushy foreign police with a bad reputation.

    1. @Ging W I’m an educated adult that knows you cooperate with cops. You don’t act like a punk and then cry “victim” later. Too bad you and your pals aren’t that bright.

    2. @Epicurwat Watch the video. He did walk away… from the very start. Then he fought. Stop deciding guilt and innocence based on skin color. Educate yourself.

    3. @Scott Shurson What kind of moron are you? He was walking home, they had no cause to stop him, being beaten by thugs isn’t fighting.

    1. @David Goodman lmao. Did you even watch the video where he lost consciousness bc of the chokehold? Did you watch where they threatened to bring a dog out to bite him if the didn’t stop throwing up?

      No offense man but stfu.

  2. The fact that there needs to be lots of pressure from family and activists for charges to be made in every single case like this is disgusting.

    1. 6 months before wearing masks was a thing, he got stopped for wearing a mask and a whole year before people started protesting against being injected with something they didn’t want injected into them. And none of them would stand up for him.

    2. I’m tired of these so-called social justice warriors using the same cliche rehtoric. What does justice look like? It will look like what The Most High will impute upon those oppressors who are related to and associated with the furtherance of relegating and oppressing the The True People of the Book (Deuteronomy 28, Ezekiel 35, Revelation 2:9, 3:9).

    3. Too bad he didn’t just stop, cooperate and answer their questions. Kind of a common theme here, isn’t it?

  3. This is exactly why the media and protesting is crucial and so important. Otherwise these charges would have never come

  4. “Violently resist arrest….” ? The kid did nothing wrong, he was unjustly targeted and racially profiled. If that is what the APD considers returning to “normalcy”…I think I’ll pass…

    1. @Reason it happens all the time though, when it isn’t a case that gets news coverage or you have a public defender

    2. @Crypto Rebel They had a reason to detain him. They have a right to question someone with probable cause. And let’s not pretend he was a violin playing saint. Look it up. Kid had a criminal record. All he had to do was answer some questions and walk home. But NO… too much pride for that, right?

  5. I saw the video ….. Even if they wanted to question him . They didn’t have to get VIOLENT with him . He was a Skinny kid and didn’t pose a Danger to those officers

    1. Without a crime, they cannot force you to talk to them.
      Actually they can’t ever force you to talk, but they can detain you if they have a crime .

    2. They choked him out and put all that heavy weight on this small framed young man who didn’t even commit a crime. They killed him and had the nerve to laugh about what they did to him.

  6. He was a beautiful person. I cry every time I think of how he pleaded so politely with them while he was killed. So glad the the wheels of justice are finally moving. Insane it took this long.

    1. You know I cry the same!!!. I really do. I posted on my Facebook page the whole conversation of him saying I am just different and everything else he said.

  7. Elijah McClain death was so sad. Seems like such an amazing person who I would have loved to have as a friend. The world lost when his life was taken.

    1. Great young man with the heart of gold and comes from a good family, so I hope his killers will go to prison and suffer the consequences for his death that nothing he did.

  8. The Police Union needs to pay the settlement, not the City’s citizens. They love to circle the wagons. Let em pay.

    1. @Gregory Williams
      It depends on the state. Where I live legislation was just passed where the officers & any elected has lost their qualified immunity so they can be sued directly.

    2. I just typed same comment. State, city and local governments need to stop paying civil costs. You are right. Let them pay. That goes for the police too. Let it come out of their budget. See how long the culture of dirty cops last then.

    3. This is why it’s hard to have police reform. The police unions keep blocking anything where they or the officers involve get sue.

  9. It’s about time dirty cops and EMTs are brought to justice. Discriminatory practices happen to people of color with folk in the medical field as well. This case was handles all kinds of wrong.

    1. I too, don’t like to be touched by anyone particularly strangers, and of all these cases we hear about – this one effects me the most. The thought of someone sticking a needle in you because you simply want to be left alone. These right wingnuts who loose it if ask to where a stupid mask are like crickets concerning Elijah and his “rights and freedoms” just to live.

    1. @Manny Castle only if it is justified; as the Bible puts it, ” An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life”. His life had every bit as much value as those brazen thugs who murdered him. Let them pay.

    2. @Will Martinez Thats what Im saying, that means ALL murders ,that remember thousands would be premeditated, or DUI’s, pretty much ANY death brought upon another person are in higher degree of malice should be execution. If you want that, I’m not necesarily against BUT we will be executing hundreds of thousands a year.

    1. Well if his family is anything like the other BLM victim families, they say F BLM. My sister in law personally got paid to yell at kids at highschools while they got on their knees in front of her because of the race they were born. Talk about despicable…

    2. Bullies attack so they can hear “ouch”. But not just any ouch. They want it to sound real. They want to feel dominant, thats why they became badge cowards.

    3. @Brandon West don’t be ignorant …. every case is different … I judge people and situations on a case-by-case status. Not because I hate a group.
      These people were in the wrong … Plain and simple.

  10. When a person is murdered, which is all too common now, and all you can find is disgusting people arguing about WHY they feel it was okay… Well, it’s beyond sad.

    1. Actually, sometimes even a camera is not enough to get some bad cops arrested, charged, tried and convicted for their crimes! Police unions need to understand that for every incident where bad cops commit crimes ALL cops suffer!

    2. Why do olive investigate police? They always side with the police. There should be an independent investigation.

    3. @Felicia Walker The Police Union are bad cops. I never seen any police department, union nor officer get damaged by all these murders they committed. The only good cops are those who spoke up immediately against police brutally and corruption but got fired as their reward.

  11. Elijah’s hysterical over reaction was because the young man was Autistic/Aspergers and he was afraid. He was highly intelligent and very aware of his differences, and that he was being treated differently due to that. I also know what it’s like to be targeted by law enforcement simply because you’re different. It’s time law enforcement do their job in a fair unbiased way or take off their badge if they can’t deliver.

    1. People on the spectrum and people with other disabilities often have encounters with LE which lead to poor outcomes even when racism isn’t part of the equation. LE need to be screened more carefully so that racism is rooted out to the extent possible before someone even goes into training. They should be required to have more advanced education and training. The system should be revamped so that counselors, behaviorists, and mental health professionals work in conjunction with LE when people are in crisis or experiencing mental health challenges. Likewise, work must be done so that people of color aren’t treated in the horrific manner this young man was and in the manner too many others have gone through.

    2. I am on the Spectrum and very aware we’re not respected as human. Black Autism has been buried and ignored even by our own community. It’s time we wake up and stop making it something to be ashamed of.

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