1. Lol I hate it how he says “it’s a Republican recall.” There are many Democrats who hate Newsom. This is a Californian recall, not a Republican one.

    1. @M-Tisha Sereal….and democrats followed through on a second impeachment when Trump had weeks left on the job, because the were afraid of the damage he could cause….well, f giving newscum a whole year. Out tomorrow, and he can take neck scarfs Palosi with him. Fckn parasites, they don’t even adhere to their own mandates, they have no business being leaders.

    2. ​@common_sense You right wing lunatics lost all credibility when you attacked the Capitol and attempted to blow up the White House recently. You are now considered certified terrorist. You should all be held for treason. Forget about Covid and other petty bee ess. We’re dealing with homegrown terrorist now and it must be addressed before they/you act on it again.

    1. The bottom line, it is the barrier between the people and a ruling elitist group. It has been beaten to a pulp and ignored and/or denied so egregiously that most people don’t even think it’s important. That is how these protections will be fully destroyed, by willful ignorance. The answer is not to discard the constitution. It is to demand its enforcement. The television does not show many examples of rights not being violated. Only violations of rights usually.. The “rights” of which they speak are the constitutional rights, Bill of rights. Don’t do the tyrants work and throw away the one document that is designed to keep them at a distance.

  2. Go watch Mark Dice latest YouTube video of him asking people on the street. He is very likely somewhere in San Diego and many are in favor of getting rid of Newsom.

    1. His videos on the streets are sometimes scary watching people who just don’t know or care about what’s going on.

  3. This has more editing and hot topics (deliberately chosen to make “sweet” “juicy” words) than my 4th grade power point presentation 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  4. It’s not a republican recall. People are upset he can’t follow his own rules and we don’t want covid passports

    1. That seems childish “oh he can’t follow his own rules but it’s saving our lifes by the mass public following them” wahwah cry me a river and grow up

    2. @antimagnet I’m a registered Democrat and DO NOT WANT mandates, lockdowns or vaccines! Get that straight bonehead!

    3. @Jiles Bo look at the map of covid cases in the US. If people can’t self regulate someone needs to be a leader. Look at the cases in your state and use you head, or we are never going to be done with this. Take some responsibility and let this guy lead and get your numbers down. Someone has to do it because people are s t u p I d and arrogant.

  5. Bro I don’t believe polls at all!!! I’m in Sacramento California and I have not met one person that wants this man to stay!!

    1. @Day Made im voting for democrat Kevin Paffrath for California governor. You leftist 🤡 we need a real Democrat in charge.

    2. @no Kevin is a conservative clown larping as a Democrat hahaha If anything you’re the clown for falling for it.

  6. Newsom hurt families throughout the state. Then he went to the French Laundry with friends and laughed about it. Even the Nazis and Soviets acted circumspectly when they broke their own rules. Not Newsom. Recall Newsom and elect Elder.

  7. And every time you say this is a Republican recalled alienate all us Democrat and the ones that voted for you! This la times person is delusional!!!

  8. YES ON THE RECALL, let’s elect the first African American governor from California a former small business owner turned radio talk show host with humble beginnings in Compton. Someone that can relate to the struggles of most Californians, something that Mr. French Laundry Newsom always lacked and will never have.

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