Police Prevent Potential Mass Killing | TVJ News – Oct 18 2021

Police Prevent Potential Mass Killing | TVJ News - Oct 18 2021 1


  1. I hope they put them children in a proper place to where they can get love and no abuse after a time because some people only do it for the money then when the children come to age they start getting abuse if you don’t have love in your heart don’t take them children

    1. real talk nada only hope they protect those kids and let them feel comfortable they are ones always vulnerable

    1. They have many times. But God intervene. Thank God for praying people. I always pray for the wicked to get expose and judgement brought on them. I know these things happen all over. Even worse things happen.

  2. What is happening in Jamaica ?
    Some people are so ignorant that they don’t know what to believe.
    how can anyone in their right mind allow themselves to be influenced by evil doers.

    GOD Almighty YAWEH please intervene in our lives.

  3. Don’t want to hear nothing from these men because the leader of the church and the leaders of both parties and lots of MP’s are friends ..Kmt

  4. Chang looks like he is in disbelief. Maybe he and others known to him, have been associated with this demon.

  5. They do worse this is nothing. Thank God it’s coming to light. The bible talk about the evil doers that blood sacrifice people to Baal.

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