1. The situation in the USA becomes so dangerous that the Mexican government decided to finish building the wall alone 😜

  2. He’s right about the Chief of police send then out. But your code of silence of protecting the bad Apple’s

    1. Things have change after blm protest. They have listen your voice there are bad apples in police. Now let police do their duty and reform instead defund police.

  3. New York cops have been enforcing unconstitutional laws in their own interest. Now that those same lawmakers treat Cops like The People, they complain. Now they know who butters their bread.

  4. Next time you meet a really good cop.
    Ask him to please report any bad cops he may meet in his career . And see what reaction you get .

  5. Police protesting to legally abuse people. Police all think they’re above the law and calling violating people rights.. “we’re just doing our job’s”

    1. These Police are pigs . These are not law enforcement. This is not a single incident that happened in a single state . It happens all the time all over the various states . Stop winning and do your jobs professionally

  6. I work under a union and fairness is the last thing on their mind it’s all about nepotism there’s no transparency and where are you are on the hiring list they break the Americans with disabilities act rules they break the Hyppa rules they don’t care they do it with impunity and the Democrats in charge and San Francisco won’t do a damn thing about it because they want the union vote. Unions being good things at a total myth they may have been at one time but now it’s just corruption

  7. What percentage of cops are bad?
    If one cop out of four is bad (25%), then the other three would ensure he is exposed and sacked. But that never happens.
    Usually two cops on the scene are out of control on a ego trip and the other eight backup cops who show up lie for them if needed. This means ALL cops are bad, and are rotten gangster thugs. Their superiors and prosecutors and judges are corrupt thugs too.

  8. The Fonz should run for office…. he’s got all the political rhetoric down…. talking points to a tee.

  9. 🤣🤣 the tables have turned..
    do your job right like everyone else in the world and you have nothing to worry about

  10. Brings to mind a George Michael song, goes something like ‘You’re gonna miss me, you’re gonna miss me….’

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