Polis Reacts To Colorado's 'Horrific' Mass Shooting History | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Polis Reacts To Colorado’s ‘Horrific’ Mass Shooting History | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Colorado Democratic Governor Jared Polis joins to discuss the terrible history of mass shootings in his state after the shooting at a Boulder supermarket killed 10 people. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Polis Reacts To Colorado's 'Horrific' Mass Shooting History | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Joey Harper Dimwit; Do your research before you go running your mouth, boy.
      Tucker Carlson and the right wing fake news media have got you so brainwashed, you dont know your facts.
      Enjoy the next 8 plus years.

    2. @Rampage Phoenix The Autopsy report showed he was suffering from an overdose on Fetnayl. The case is over.

    3. @Joey Harper So heres some additional advice that might do you some good, bud:
      *Go read a bible, and regain your sense of morality*
      Just remember, anything else that happens to this country from this administration that you dont like from here on out, you radical right wing freaks deserve.

  1. Another nut case with a gun America this won’t stop until you ban guns like other western democratic country’s

  2. I’d like to know, how many children lost a parent in this horrific event? How many lost a spouse or long term partner? How many parents lost a son/daughter? How many grandparents lost a grandchild?

    1. It doesn’t matter. None of it matters as pathetic as that is to say. How many have died since Sandy Hook where toddlers were gunned down using weapons of war and not a single thing changed from that nightmare. It will be the same thing here or at least whatever tepid legislation that gets put into place will be wiped away by the next Republican government. As Bill O’Reilly famously once said after 58 people were gunned down in Vegas “this is the price of freedom”. Clearly he was right seeing as innocent Americans keep paying it.

    1. Impossible. There are too many Gun’s money in politics, especially on GOP side. GOP will only pursue the idea of more guns to combat guns. OR stating it is just another political events attempting to remove people’s gun right.

    2. There will be no action in the Senate until the filibuster is fixed.
      So how about a 55% population-based cloture rule?
      Turns out the Democrats already represent 55% of the voters.
      Presto chango, no filibuster.
      #FilibusterCure #StopTheBlockheads

    3. @Shannon Jacobs Senator Mansion from West Virginia may not support any gun control legislation… we need some Republicans too

    4. Politicians playing with guns….Yes, lets play “”Cowboys and Indians”” Too bad some people get killed. To prevent more killings, guns ownership should be outlawed.

  3. It is very sad, what is even worse is that it will happen again and again until the people of America stand up against the gun lobbyists and change the laws. I’d love to visit it America, but I do t think I ever will.

  4. It could happen anywhere in the USA. It doesn’t happen in other civilized countries. The USA is f*cked up

  5. Shooter: Ahmad Alissa. Syrian who was on the FBI watch list.

    Got nothing against muslims, just thought I’d fill people in since people were calling this guy a white supremacist without any evidence. Funny how the media don’t want to give out any info on this guy. Very different to the Atlanta shooter.

    1. Your confirmation bias is showing. This soon after the Atlanta shooting, there was little to no info on the shooter either. In fact, we still don’t know his motives and a lot of details.

      And no media figure was calling him a white supremacist, but, as most mass shootings are caused by white christian men who often do have racist/nationalist motives, that is hardly an unjustified preliminary conclusion.

      Further, this guy was mentally ill as in paranoid. He thought people were following him, out to get him. Contrast that with “normal” mass shooters who simply target a racial minority due to hate (as seen in statements and manifestos they post that sound like 45* speeches), not paranoia. Some of them were are on watch lists too: potential domestic terrorists.

      For any decent and rational person, what matters is what the person did, not who they are (unless that directly causes what they did). I hold the same judgement for any of them, even if I’m personally more sympathetic to their beliefs (religious, political, social…) or not. There is no excuse for slaughtering innocent people period and I’m not going to be less harsh on some compared to others. Shame on you for cherry picking this guy to especially hate because he is not of a group you have sympathy for. That’s monstrous.

    2. @Progressive Humanist Monstrous? Shame on me? Did you read what I said? I’ve got nothing against muslims, just supplying the name because some media won’t. I agree 100% with what you said. But your wrong about how different races get treated by the media. The Atlanta shooter had his photo posted hours after the attack and was labeled as a racial attack still to this day with no evidence. Where as now some media is almost silent on details of the shooter cause he’s not white. Some media like CNN (don lemon) called it an act of a white supremacy within the first 24 hours cause they saw a photo and it looked like he was a white American. A large number of people such Kamarla Harris’s niece tweeted the same, and that it was an act of terror. All I’m pointing out is how racist the media is and the fact they are causing a huge divide to society. Maybe you can’t see it but the large majority of Americans can. I suggest that if your not informed on all the details you probably shouldn’t make assumptions.

  6. Imagine going in for a carton of milk, leave in a body bag. Talk about sad day for our country. We can’t even feel safe going to the grocery store.

    1. Haven’t felt safe going anywhere for awhile now. Growing up with shooter drills in school will do that to you.

    2. It’s NEVER safe living in America. With modern Americans pulling out a gun like in the days of the WILD WILD WEST and shoot you down for no apparent reason, how safe can you be? I AM VERY GLAD THAT I AM NOT IN AMERICA !!!

  7. I hate hearing “Hey! Thank you for listening to our YouTube channel… I think you should know… etc” Please stop it. It bothers me.

  8. My condolences to all the victims families I feel your pain I’m praying for you all and praying for America, I pray that America will repent violence is not the solution we need to turn to Jesus Christ he’s is the answer God bless you coloradans stay strong.

  9. There will be no action in the Senate until the filibuster is fixed.
    So how about a 55% population-based cloture rule?
    Turns out the Democrats already represent 55% of the voters.
    Presto chango, no filibuster.
    #FilibusterCure #StopTheBlockheads

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