Political Corruption Of Secret Service Made Biden Safety A Concern 1

Political Corruption Of Secret Service Made Biden Safety A Concern


Carol Leonnig, Washington Post reporter and author of "Zero Fail," talks with Rachel Maddow about the compromised state of the Secret Service and the problem of agents openly advocating for Donald Trump and sympathizing with the January 6th insurrection being tasked with protecting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
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    1. @Riddle_wrapped_in_a_ Mystery_inside_a_enigma however achieving more in one hundred days than the last ones four years . Keep on sleeping President Biden

    2. @Daniel Errico the rioting was done by the domestic terriorist proud girls, oath breakers and the rest of the inferiority groups trying to keep the movement from being a revolution.

  1. All identical tactics used back in 1998 by Chavez and in 1999 by Putin the guy that is the Orange man’s boss and maybe even trainer for his role between 2015 to the current date.

    1. Think about it. This one individual corrupts the whole Republican Party and by extension, the whole Federal government. I am not saying that GOP wasn’t messed up already but the sooner the GOP gets rid of that Orange man the sooner Republicans will be 3/5th again.

    2. @Jordy Drop you just used the script written by the colluders for you lol I wouldn’t notice you in a box of crayons.

    3. @Curt D yeah and we know he’s not powerful enough to pull it off but gee, I wonder who is… Never forget Helsinki!

    4. @Ace Brockton it was a pretty specific question. the laptop story is real and Dorsey apologized for censoring it (after the election, of course)

    1. “If I Ain’t on Crack, Slappy Jack, I’m Mumbling False Fact, Mac!, So Step Back!”, “I’M the King of the Corrupt Democrats” – JOE “Open Borders 4 All”.

    2. @Hello Sunshine People were willing to die for Trump. And no amount of discussion would change their mind. We had people on their death beds repeating Trump lies and it was impossible to convince them otherwise. So yes, Trumpism resembles religious fever, extremism… it is very much the same.

    3. Oh, thaaat…she was hoitytoity corrupt swine…

      But funnily….during the moguls /moghouls, their barbers used to do the deed…with shaving razors or trimming implements going places south of a face, but north of shoulders. So one had a new head.

  2. Trump wanted every Department to be corrupt, that’s how he’s able to keep them under his thumb his little tiny thumb

    1. @Nack Jicholson Biden became the 46th President of the United States because he received 306 electoral college votes and 81,283,098 votes, while Trump only received 232 electoral college votes and 74,222,958 votes. The election was certified in all 50 states.

    2. @Nack Jicholson As an American your loyalty should be to the United States – not a political party and certainly not Donald Trump

  3. Mmmmmm I wonder if President Biden’s dog ‘Major’ was trying to tell us something!????. I apologise in advance for the implied message to the affected agent!

    1. WOW I think you are correct, which sounds crazy, but my dogs always knew dangerous people before I did.
      Bring Major Back!

  4. If this is true, the Secret Service should be ashamed to its very core. And isn’t it just confirmation that everything Trump and the Republicans touch is corrupted.

    1. They should be but have you ever met a Trumpist that was capable of shame? They need to be cleaned out along with a lot of FBI agents who display the same dangerous loyalty to their cult.

    2. Laird Dougal: Careful, careful, careful. The members of the Secret Service who have become, what’s the word, jerks, and those who have become politicized should be ashamed and be retrained. Those who refuse, should be given desk jobs or removed from the Service. To the extent the leadership creates a culture of frat boy misogyny and wanton immorality or politicizes the institution, those managers should be dismissed immediately upon proof of their complicity in creating such a culture. The rest of the Service is presumably doing its job, which is very risky and pretty much thankless.

    3. Trump is a MONSTER and a very, very dangerous mind. Everything he touches gets corrupted.It’s high time the country wakes up .His plan to be in complete control is very scary. Some people are worrying about socialism.Don’t they realize, that what trump wants for this country and it’s people is as dangerous as socialism.??????????? The lie about socialism and Biden, is not true, he just wants to paint Biden as such for his benefit and to scare people. Both an authoritarian and socialistic regime are ANTI DEMOCRATIC. Your freedom is gone. So we better decide soon what we want for our country.

    4. There should be a lot of attention on the training facility they all attend for several months in order to qualify. There’s something very wrong going on if these unprincipled, unpatriotic individuals are the best they can train and provide for one of the most important jobs in the world.

    5. @Beatrix Jansen socialism is not dangerous , u seem to be mixing up socialism and communism . But u are spot on trump is a monster .

    1. Recently we learned that Trump’s people tried to entrap FBI agents to get compromising material on them, no doubt they did the same with the SS details.
      They can be blackmailed to be silent or worse, to be compliant.

    2. @Mainely Good, the FBI is a Terrorist organization.
      They pulled off Jan. 6th as well as the attempted kidnapping of the Michagan governor.

    1. @Knightmarecity K Trump was the direct result of 20 years of the war of terror, overseen by his predecessors, by normalising genocide white supremacists were enabled then radicalized at the state level, it’s not “infiltrators” it is the executive branch itself, and many more branches of state and local govt. You pull this thread and there is no America when you’re done, which the rest of the world would be grateful to see unravel.

    2. @Uncanny Valley They’re infiltrators when they are sent out from groups with a concerted plan to get into positions of power with the intent to further ws agendas. But sure, there are plenty of ws’s in govt who were not aligned with a group. When the former guy showed up he made it possible for those two groups to fully find each other and step out of the shadows. The thread is already snagged and we weren’t the ones to pull it. Doing nothing is not an option.

    3. @Knightmarecity K America suffered a great deal under 45
      It’s worrisome for the Secret Service
      too be a trump follower!

    1. @Madalyn Lechner All Republican traitors need to go. We should play the video of 1/6th on a continuous loop for all these deniers of the truth.. Stop being a traitor to your own country to protect a Big Loser.

  5. If the USSS were serious about getting their reputation and professional respect back they’d purged the partisans. If they can’t then disband the agency and have the uncorrupted agents form a division within the FBI as presidential protection.

    1. @William Springer I think Mainely is criticizing the phenomenon of Trumpism (its divisive and polarizing nature), not those who identify themselves as Republicans or Democrats.

    2. And then they do it for anyone who watches MSNBC and CNN, you diots are your own worst enemies

    3. @Uncanny Valley Listen to your family and stop with the right wing stupid talk. It’s embarrassing.

  6. “A free press is essential to any democracy.” former President George W. Bush. Thank you Carol, for writing this important book. Rachael is a national treasure. There are allegations a Trump family member was dating a secret service agent while Trump was in office.. Unbelievable, we knew the corruption from the Trump administration was severe but who could have guessed the secret service had been infiltrated. I was young but I remember the horror of the JFK assassination and how our country suffered. We pray for the safety of our president and his family. Lord, please help us.

    1. @FREEMAN PEAVY did you ever see Biden run up to the stage when he was going to speak? I’ve seen that a number of times. He has pep in his step. I only saw him trip up the steps on that one occasion. But FOX and other related stations will play the tripping over and over so that it looks like he’s incompetent. How about Trump going down that ramp when coming off a stage from I think a speech to West Point–terrified he’d fall. Trumpy Slumpy!

    2. Lol, Bush’s Dad was behind the JFK assassination, he’s like the worst person on earth to quote who kicked of 20 years of ethnic cleansing in the middle east and to date no evidence has been produced to justify any of it. Meanwhile we look the other way as Palestine and media buildings get glassed

  7. Remember hearing the rumblings about how January 6th was an inside job? Reporting like this makes me wonder. All of the insurrectionists knew exactly where to go. We’ve seen video of them describing details that the basic public doesn’t know, unless you know every safety protocol….

    1. @Armandhammer theres actually a lot of active and current military that belong to neo nazi and other hate groups

    2. @WHEREisTHEbalance Well we have a lot of veterans. There are school teachers and lawyers too.

    3. @Armandhammer of course, you guys try to keep it a secret as much as possible. we smell the stench of treason coming off of you a mile away. why would i expect you to tell the truth?

  8. Doesn’t surprise me in the least, actually I am surprised that it’s now coming out…….

  9. The Secret Service has always had some interesting people on board. Every last one of those red hat/red tie agents needs to be fired. It’s unprofessional.

    1. @René Olguín It’s Jewish. Shall I tell my mother, grand mother, and great grand mother, to change Our name to make You happy?

  10. “The people elect them, we just protect them.” We can now file that under the bs category.

    1. @Robert Hunt While I believe that is indeed true, they cannot afford to allow their personal loyalties to affect their professional judgement. If they do, they should resign or be booted out.

    2. @Kenny Hill GHWB was the cia director who basically committed treason to ruin carters presidency and put the modern republican/neoliberal reagan era into full gear.

  11. With T***p bringing in all of these people with no prior experience and no aptitude for their positions. How could this be a surprise? Their only credentials were loyalty to him period.

    1. He did that from day one and the good one s he hired he fired because they wouldn t do his dirty work Hiring Ben Carson was a dead give away who was going into those jobs

    2. We are: THE AMERICANS…. [ MAN this is just getting more and more exciting…. Don Lemon is toast ]
      You know …. you can’t help but see.. the writing on the wall.. all broadcasting is gong to be removed
      Why in the world are YOU thinking smiling lying CNN/MSNBC/FOX NEWS HOSTS ARE LEAVING THE AIR

  12. What else would you expect when members of the last president’s family were found to be having inappropriate relationships with people in the secret service!

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