Political Karma Plays Out In The Investigation Into January 6th

Former Senator Claire McCaskill, editor at large at the Bulwark Charlie Sykes, and author of the Washington Post’s “Power Up” newsletter Jackie Alemany discuss the strength Rep. Adam Kinzinger brings to the select committee investigating January 6, and remark that he and Liz Cheney will be “the Republican grown-ups in the room.”

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  1. *So many* GQP-wing ‘Representatives’ *are* going to be seen *on those CCTV recordings from the days preceding January 6th* …and *in ‘bigly’ questionable company.* 🤔

    1. People always rise against INJUSTICE, be that Rodney King, George Floyd or stolen elections! Give me a single historical example people rising against JUSTICE?!

    2. @Addendum kebic – those who broke into the Capitol on January 6th 2021 were duped/fooled into believing that there was some sort of injustice (claims of a stolen election) because BIDEN WON! 45 LOST; the presidency was NOT stolen from him or anyone else!!

    1. @Addendum kebic if all those”numerous testimonials”were worth the ink they were signed with why didn’t it come out in COURT? 64 COURTS I believe it was, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it THROWN OUT of 64 COURTS?

    2. @Addendum kebic no sir mister”I done been everywhere”. “I done done everything”. All you have done is spew the nonsense that Rudy Giuliani and the”CYBER NINJAS”🤣😂🤣😂 have been spouting in front of the fox and OAN cameras all along. They never backed a bit of it up in court and they NEVER WILL!

    3. @Addendum kebic no Mr”I’ve got the best education money can buy on three continents”. The only thing you’ve proven to me with that nonsense is that PT Barnum was 100% right.

    4. @Addendum kebic I’m just an old country boy from Arkansas. A 60-year-old country boy from Arkansas. I’ve been watching politics intensely since I was 16 years old. I grew up raised by bikers, hippies, drug addicts and basically poor people. And I can tell you UNEQUIVOCALLY that if there was any actual evidence to support the claims that you are making the supreme Court would not hold back ONE IOTA. They would have given it back to Trump in a HEARTBEAT! I’ve seen stolen elections. I saw one in 2000. The difference between that stolen election and the one you CLAIM WAS STOLEN is, THERE WAS A MAN INVOLVED!

    5. @Addendum kebic oh yeah mister”I’m a immigrant from three different countries”or whatever. In this country, we have something called the”RULE OF LAW”. Google that mister”I am a retired computer genius”. If you don’t like the election results you get your day in court. If the court says you have no case you can take it to a higher Court. You can go all the way to the supreme Court. If they say you have no case, IT’S OVER! That is democracy. That is AMERICA. What you don’t get to do is OVERTURN THE CONSTITUTION because your candidate lost. That is FASCISM! Didn’t they teach you that Mr”educated over the pond”?

      Trump is a con man. All the money people have been sending him, HE’S BEEN KEEPING! That’s what we call a GRIFT! And if you sent him any money you’re what we call a

    1. If they actually pursue charges. I have doubts they have the nuts to arrest anyone who refuses to come testify.

    2. @Brett S. Right? But Nancy seems to have reached her take no prisoners moment in her career. No pun intended. She doesn’t seem to be in a flinching mood. Curious to see how it plays out.

    1. @Joboygbp Edwards so an open Chinese proxy she isn’t a spy, because she wasn’t secretive about her affiliation) for the CCP being married to the Senate Majority leader, paying a huge bribe (sorry campaign contribution) to become Secretary of Transportation is nothing to you? Tom Barrack’s billions from UAE to influence the Us government means nothing to you? Trump’s (not very well kept) secret Chinese bank accounts, that he paid more taxes on to the Chinese government than he paid in US taxes means nothing to you? Rudy’s direct employment with several foreign governments, while being part of Trumps “hand-picked, only the best people” team means nothing to you? So, the difference is that these people in the Trump administration actively did illegal acts. Let me ask you how long, after the chauffeur or the tryst was discovered to be a spy, were the connections continued? That’s right, they weren’t continued at all. Unlike the foreign powers-involved individuals involved with Trump, who were either open about their connections, or their connections were soon known? Not a single one of them were removed by the Trump administration, and some are still associated, to this day. That’s the difference.
      Oh, and if you think President Biden has dementia, what must you think of old mumbles, unable to pronounce words or complete thoughts, cofefe boy Trump?

    2. @NELA It’s because she’s already predetermined the outcome of the “investigation ” and came to the same conclusion as Pelousy

  2. These poor police officers .. thru didn’t deserve the disgrace these insurectiomists threw on them ..death to the treasonists..DEMOCRACY RULES .

    1. To steve Austin. i thank God that I’m leader and not a follower that I can think for myself and i worship only God.. not man.sad so many of you will worship the anti

    2. As a non American it boggles my mind that an ex-president, a powerful and influential person is allowed to spread a lie which is causing a serious social division and is undermining social order. All civilised countries have laws to protect public order. Why are we not seeing them in America?.As a non-American why should I care? Because the reality is that a major civil event in America would negatively affect the global economy and cause a set back at a time when it is least needed.

    3. These Repubs like trump do not care . That people were killed or mamed for life.All all because of #1 None believer and low life Cronies.

    1. @Bob Richards As opposed to the Republicans who were amazed how many tourists were in the Capitol building on January 6th, all huggin’ and-a kissin’.

    2. @Bob Richards Mea Culpa. Yes, I know the difference between the House and Senate. I was mostly thinking about Republican legislators in general, rather than which chamber they were a member of and the restrictions Pelosi would have by limiting it to only house members. So yeah, that’s the reason they have not been asked to participate.

    1. As a non American it boggles my mind that an ex-president, a powerful and influential person is allowed to spread a lie which is causing a serious social division and is undermining social order. All civilised countries have laws to protect public order. Why are we not seeing them in America?.As a non-American why should I care? Because the reality is that a major civil event in America would negatively affect the global economy and cause a set back at a time when it is least needed.

    2. @AwakeAmericanow. As a non American STFU. Worry about fixing your own country before you complain about ours.

    1. @Paul Schulte So each and every person who died of covid it Trumps fault… did you even read that statement back to yourself before you hit reply …. if you did you need to seek help asap. Re the $3.7 it is pretty clear facts allude u. “US President Joe Biden is proposing a staggering $6 trillion budget for fiscal year 2022 which begins October 1. The spending binge, fiercely opposed by many in the US including the Republicans, will significantly increase the nation’s debts while causing a fresh round of price rises, casting a shadow over the livelihood of ordinary Americans and force the future American generations to tighten their belts.”

    2. @WSOX Man 1967 UN REFUGEE PROTOCOL signed by Johnson ratified by the senate 98 to 0 under the constitution makes is US law unless repealed (hasn’t been) anyone asking for asylum under the treaty is not crossing borders illegally . Since under the law they are not criminals and on American soil the 4th Amendment applies let me teach you that one : The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Also since it occurred on US soil the 6th and 8th apply: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence. :Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. YOU WANT TO GIVE UP THESE LIBERTIES FOR A LITTLE SAFTEY ? Remember Ben Franklins words?

    3. @WSOX Man -“Are you saying Democrats are enforcing our immigration laws, securing our borders, and making it safe in our country?”

    4. @Henry McCoy Henry, that was LOL . More like Democrats are doing all they can to make our country unsafe.

    5. @Shawn Mcglamery You fool! Where does our constitution say ” invite the WORLD into our country. No background checks, no health check. And GIVE THEM FREE BUS AND PLANE TICKETS TO ANYWHERE THEY WANT TO GO?
      EST 2 MILLION At the end of this year. Fact 90% do not qualify for refugee. You left out the fact that less than majority never show up for court date.
      Have you seen the list of countries entering through Southern border? Africa, China, Brazil, Haiti, etc..
      Can you tell us why this administration doesn’t inform us where these non citizens are transferred to?
      What change since the last year? Record numbers. Record drugs caught, not caught.
      But your a Democrat and have selective outrage.

  3. McCarthy is starting too run scared. He knows that justice matters to the American people and history . Some members may end up in prison.

    1. Democrats are so scared they couldn’t let anyone who doesn’t agree with them in the committee’s

    2. So much for a bipartisan ship committee. She picked Republicans who are ready have made up their minds. She picked the rinos. And had the real Republicans removed from the committee. The lack of intellect you guys have is truly hilarious

    3. Democrats planned to destroy Washington DC, if Biden couldn’t cheat his way in, leftist terrorist groups run our country 😠

    4. “Some members may end up in prison.”
      How? Why?
      You can’t use the power of the state to go after your political opponents. That makes you a Soviet!
      “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime”
      Robert, look it up, for God’s sake!! SHEEESSSH!!

  4. As an Independent, I would rather listen to “Pelosi’s Republicans” and what they have to say, than Trump’s Republicans saying what Trump wants them to say, any day.
    I said it earlier that by McCarthy removing Liz Cheney from her leadership position, he was doing what they did in Star Wars where by killing Obie Wan Kenobi, they made her stronger than what they thought.

    1. @Draco Magnius we have a couple… but due to how conservative the US is, they are written off as ungrounded pipe dreams or “communists” destroying American 🤦‍♂️

    2. @Melissa Graham You did not watch the unedited videos. You are dangerously misinformed.
      Can you show me another insurrection where unarmed people, just kinda meandered through a building?

    3. You know that when Liz Cheney is considered a moderate Republican, it’s like being in an episode of Twilight Zone or Black Mirror.

  5. ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

    — Kevin Mccarthy

    1. @cc Rider you do wonder what sort of sick stuff these guys are into, behind closed doors.😳

    2. @Sandra Lewis. Isn’t live feed a beautiful thing. Best used at the beginning and ending of each committee hearing day. Just cannot, as an American wanting to save our democracy, hear his little speech enough.

    3. Sandra Lewis, yes you are right about that statement by Kevin McCarthy….That was before he was BOHICA ( Bend Over Here It Comes Again) by DeadlyDonald …..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂….Yes, BOHICA!

    1. @Yankeegurl5460 whataboutism speaketh. Light travels faster than sound. You were bright until you spoke.

    2. @Yankeegurl5460 hey, you forgot the “what about Hillary’s emails?”. Is everything ok with you? We’re worried now. Not.

    3. Donald Trump is more powerful on the outside of the White House than corrupt Cheating Joe is on the inside!

    4. @N 827 jail house Don is toast! There just adding the honey and 🥜 nuts! 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🤡

    5. @Brian Little Trump has about as much of a chance going to Jail as cheating corrupt Joe and his drug addict corrupt son does 🤣

  6. McCarthy is fake-fuming and acting like a Karen. He got exactly what he wanted: an excuse to whine like a child. He selected Jordan and Banks to have them rejected by Pelosi so he can complain about it because he thinks it makes him look good to Trumplicans. It’s a calculated Karen move on his part. He knows that they’re both insurrectionists and knew they’re unacceptable on an investigation into the insurrection itself.

    1. @Dennis Moore Jim Jordan don’t want the truth. All he wants is to distort the truth and attempt to point the focus away from January 6th. And the major reason that Jim Jordan along with McCarthy help feed into Donald Trump big guy by trying to overturn our legal elections and helping fuel the fire that caused the January 6th insurrection in the first place. On top of that certain key top Republicans we’re involved in helping set up this insurrection. And that’s one of the reasons why they chose to fight against having this Commission in the first place. And then once they realize that they couldn’t stop it they want to put clowns like Jim Jordan into the commission as their last-ditch effort to try to prevent the commission from getting the answers that they were looking for. Because if they dig deep enough the commission will find the answers that the Republicans wants to keep buried and away from the Public’s knowledge. Because the Republicans know that they’re losing control of power because majority of Americans even some of the Republicans once a lot of the benefits that the Democrats are trying to push for. That’s one of the reasons why in all these major Republican states they are putting in all these major restrictions on voting trying to prevent the Democrats continuing to gain their stronghold. So they’re trying to pull a Jim Crow 2.0 and close up all this controversy of fraud to back up their reasoning Behind these new restrictive voting laws because they realize that they can no longer win the presidency without cheating. And then eventually they’re going to start losing their power in the Senate. And once that happens that’s in game for the Republican Party. Because once that happens more and more Democrats are going to start replacing these Republican Senate seats I have such a strong hole that we were asked to be able to implement these laws to help benefit the working class American as a whole and not just the Billionaire’s and 1% wealthiest people in America. Because these laws are enacted the Republican base is going to start to wither within years period and a Republican can’t stand that so they doing anything in their power even if it’s illegal to the Constitution to stay in power by any means necessary period which is freaking disgusting. Because by the Republicans doing that they are spitting on our constitution. Because all of these Republican states they’re putting in the new restrictive voting laws especially the swing States they all has several recounts done by their own Republican parties and still found no evidence of fraud. So even though these states have proven by their own parties that there was no fraud that using the big lied that they created as excuse to make these voter restriction laws as going to restrict Democrats from boating which in return well illegally keeping themselves in power. That’s why Pelosi rejected Jim Jordan and that other guy from the committee period on top of that Jim Jordan alone is a subject of their investigation. So by him being on the committee alone is a conflict of interest

    2. @Leong Chuan Cheok Democrats on a sub conscious level are Marxist. Screw the truth as long as your agenda moves on.

    3. Actually what it was with the those two choices, the people that he wanted those two that Pelosi rejected to make it a three-ring circus cuz he didn’t want to go testify as to what him and Donald Trump talked about on the phone why they’re huddled in that room hidden by Furniture and Things up against the door. That Republican a$$ that said that it was a normal visiting day at the state capitol while he’s putting furniture against the door with his mouth gaped open.

    4. @John Collado Finally an answer where & how Chad originated, except how many actually know about the ‘hanging chads’ in Florida’s debacle? THAT was an election that should have been challenged, perhaps our air would be breathable & our water safe to drink! Thanks, John 🎈

  7. The way the USA is being governed is downright scary…and the world is at risk for this kind of regime…..you cannot judge it to be a true democracy….it has transformed into a money and media controlled dysfunctional oligarchy.

  8. Kevin McCarthy’s childish games are costing him his dignity. Oh wait he lost what he had 6years ago. The dude needs to go and be a retired husband. 😚😚🤔

  9. If Republicans objected to the first independent commission, they should not have a say in this committee.

    1. @Paul Schulte We will all stand before God and give an account for our actions. So if you conspire amd falsely testify against others, then God will hold you accountable for breaking the 10 commamdments.

      The insurrection, by evidenced court documents, shows co-conspirators who were not arrested. In other words, FBI informants or undercover agents. Why was the FBI running an operation that would endanger capitol hill? God knows why. I dont. But Nancy Pelosi can tell the truth. Thats what should matter. Without this question being answered, the rest of this is just poltitical theater.

    2. @Paul Schulte Yes, I have religious motivation. I was not there on Jan 6. I believe in finding out the truth about any incident before making any kind of judgement. Period.

    3. @Yechezkel Mendoza Then It is the arrogance of religion that has poisoned your mind. I read the Bible cover to cover 4 times before I was 18, then like a flash of insight, I realized what a distorted image of reality it all really is.

    4. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE there’s alot of TDS & COMMIES in this thread. Go to China if you want a one party system to rule over you!

    1. @Joe Malonski Ironically, we’re finding more and more democrats being investigated though. Care to debate this?

    2. @AwakeAmericanow. Even worse, you’re grandkids are growing up in a country where democrat leadership is calling for defunding our police while minimizing sentencing and punishment. This is 100% democrat leadership propagating this, and you’re blamming Trump? Where is your head, you are delusional.

    3. @Tobin You slobbering mouth breathing leftists call anyone who won’t conform to your marxism a troll. 😂

  10. There’s no such thing as “Pelosi Republicans.” There are Patriotic Republicans and there are trump traitors. THAT’S IT.

    1. When it comes to Jan 6, either you’re the patriot or the traitor. And we know their standing at this point

    2. Tell that to the worthless republican party. The rest of us could care less and hope the party disappears permanently.

    1. People always rise against INJUSTICE, be that Rodney King, George Floyd or stolen elections! Give me a single historical example people rising against JUSTICE?!

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