Tunisian President Declares Curfew Through August 27

Francesca Ebel joins Ayman to explain tensions in Tunisia.
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  1. Parliament was dissolved because they refused to take action. The GOP should take notes on conservativism and why it fails

    1. @Pete Pistol Most of the parliament was moderate. The president, who staged the coup, is an Independent strongman.

    2. Yes! The Tunisian People were blessed with a strong President that stood up and shut down the corrupt politicians

    3. @Deborah Freedman He’s statesman who invoked the constitution when the conditions allowed for it , our people are dying by the 200 everyday , our parliament is run by corrupt mps who facilitate terrorism , money laundering and engage in political assassinations with out mentioning of course spreading poverty , our democratically elected president worth overwhelming majority did the correct thing pulling the country from imminent social explosion

    4. @Deborah Freedman He’s statesman who invoked the constitution when the conditions allowed for it , our people are dying by the 200 everyday , our parliament is run

    1. Yes Tunisia is in NORTH AFRICA, but most of North Africa is considered as part of the middle East. Egypt is part of the middle east though it is in north africa. North African countries are also members of the Arab league, just like gulf countries.

    2. @May Manus
      So……Tunisia is part of Africa and not the middle east. Though it was conquered by some people from the middle east and retained some of the culture, religion and language there are still elements and people that are Native to the continent. There were people and tribes there that are not ARAB. Wen they go to Europe they are discriminated against as Africans, Muslims and Africans. So stop it with the nonsense.

    3. @FirstNation Fall I never said that Tunisia is not part of Africa. I know that the indigenous people of North Africa are berbers or barbary and that Arabs conquered the people and intermingled with them many centuries ago. North Africa is also known as the Maghreb. But several north african countries are members of the Arab league. that is a fact

    1. While in the US, we have fools who refuse to be vaccinated, other countries, like Tunisia, don’t have enough. When vaccination stations were opened they were mobbed and overrun, and the people began to demonstrate against the government’s inability to get people vaccinated. A strongman president used this as a rationale to depose parliament and the PM. So, the only measured success story of the Arab Spring becomes a totalitarian state.

    2. @Deborah Freedman i’m Tunisian and with all my respect but what you said is so wrong this is not whats going at all ! this ain’t about vaccine or covid and btw Tunisia is the second most vaccinated country in africa and we have enough vaccines for half of the population in stock ( we have a small population of 11 millions ) .A success story of the arab spring is just another western media lie we live in a fake corrupt democracy led by a far right islamist party that lead Tunisia for 10 years from being a successful middle income country to a poor country plagued by corruption and incompetence and burdened by foreign debt , so of course people will look for a strong savior….

    3. @sisyphus B
      Loved what you say, can i get your contact my Tunisian brother? I’m Algerian 🇩🇿🌹

    1. worst then being ruled by a far right islamist party that ruled tunisia for 10 years and turned it from a successful middle income country to a poor country plagued by covid and corruption ? i don’t think so , and if you feel sorry for Tunisia Islamists you can bring them to rule your country because we are done with them !

  2. News flash: Contrary to what Western media reports, this is actually a good thing, according to Tunisian citizens.

  3. All we can hope is he guides to the right path, I feel the point of the Arab springs was to show how easy the people can assert force over the govt even though it will hurt us as a country it is important that the government knows where the line is an how far down the hole we can go, I hope our will proceeds the corruption

    1. Lol middle east includes north African countries plus west Asiaian countries. It appears that you are terrible at geography.

  4. Always a problem. People aren’t satisfied with any leadership. After this they will find another fault with the new government. The country will never be stable. Ever.

    1. @sisyphus B
      True the United states interferes with many countries however Tunisia as are many countries in Africa and the Middle east are at conflict within itself. The people are in conflict with the religion and culture they want to serve. The people want to live as westerners but it contridict with the culture and religion. There are protest about everything. If the Tunisian government had a backbone to stand up against America……Just as the United states slaughtered Momar Khadaffy….they used Libiyans to take him out. You can’t destroy a people without using their own weaknesses and ignorace to do so. You throw rocks and fight in the street then celebrate when someone is in who you think will solve your problems but if he falls short you fight, destroy and protest again! Then they are in the same position they where in 10 years ago! If Tunisians would stay off Facebook, and stop sitting in cafes chatting with foreign women all day with fake designer clothes on and a ton of gel in their hair and get serious about their priorities maybe they can bring about change. Until then I think it will be the same situation again when these people in government fall short. No doubt.

    2. @FirstNation Fall but here you are wasting time on things that shouldnt matter to you, maybe you should be the first to focus on his ” priorities ”

    3. @Da Cerebrus
      What kind odd illogical response is that? How do you know what matters to me???? This is world news right? It’s put out so people can see what’s going on in the world. FYI I have been to Tunisia and have relatives there.

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