Liz Cheney Set To Take Center Stage At First Jan. 6 Hearing 1

Liz Cheney Set To Take Center Stage At First Jan. 6 Hearing


NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell and Politico columnist and MSNBC contributor Eugene Daniels discuss the role of Liz Cheney in the Jan. 6 inquiry, and in the Republican party.

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  1. By most accounts, Trump’s copious negatives have FAR outweighed his scant positives. It’s why the pathological oddity lost his job. Notice how he hasn’t yet figured out how to reverse that losing trend.

    1. @Jock Young a good salesmen doesn’t go serially bankrupt and lose so many brands…steak, water, suits, airline, casinos, university, franchised properties etc

    2. @Jock Young Being a “good salesman” is not a positive human character trait. It’s a skill. Period. Ted Bundy was “charismatic” with women, but no one would consider that a “positive” aspect of his character either.

    3. @Chaos Your rioter count is off by a couple orders of magnitude. And to characterize the worst attack of the US Capitol since 1814 as “this January 6th rubbish” is shameful. That would be like calling the Grenfell Tower fire (on your side of the pond) nothing more than a toasted marshmallow event.

  2. Yeah, or course the criminals don’t want an investigation.. The bank robbers don’t jail the bank robbers… This is not at all surprising… At least 2 republicans have a spine and want the truth.. Credit where credit is due…

    1. @Chaos
      If drumpf stated to protest peacefully. How in the heck did the protest turn violent. I don’t know what your lying eyes and ears heard. It dang sure doesn’t resonates what others seen and heard.

    2. All you folk who replied directly to Chaos made him enough Rubles to pay his rent due a month. Don’t respond directly to trolls please. 🌸

    3. newoldvideos Yes you are right Cheney the only republican that has the guts to stand up to these cowards.

  3. Steal the “show”!!? Let’s not forget this about them being BEATEN by seditious traitors! 🤨

    1. Trump derangement syndrome. Look at the media making this awful republican a hero. Their job is to whitewash the crimes of the elites. It’s disgusting.

  4. Why call the committee a ‘spectacle’? The actual committee is going to be less of a circus than any committee for years.

    1. The circus spectacle will be the sideshow on the right when they realize how badly they have goofed up. This is Machiavellian in modern day.

    2. @Benjamin de Montgomery they deserve everything that’s coming .. :0 Zoe , Canadian neighbor

    3. @Benjamin de Montgomery one political party attempting to control the nation by whatever means necessary.

      That is called totalitarianism.

  5. no matter what cheney says we already know mccarthy and the trump base will find some way to twist it

    1. @david brandie I never said they weren’t but Mccarthy and trump supporters are looking for any excuse for an investigation not to go forward into Jan 6th… why would they not want to know?

    2. @Christopher Litzner They were not allowed any response to the two impeachments ; and the rest
      of the garbage thrown at them .They are blameless and this is another farce .
      We all agree that there is no place for violence .

    3. @Mick why agreed those loyal trumpist only know how to deflect onto an off topic conversation because they know they have no defense against what is actually being discussed

    1. Kevin McCharty lost all respect from his GOP members in Congress. MTG. Lauren Boebert the crazy ones.😃😂😭

    1. Not really though. Nobody is charged with treason. Treason requires that you side with a war-time enemy and “provide them with aid and comfort”.

  6. I hope they find all the Republicans that were involved,arrest them, prosecute them and then put in prison.

    1. @John W. Roth she is a Rhino. She is standing on nothing. The Democrats don’t believe in the constitution.

    2. @Robert McDonald Hopefully you’ll learn something when all of this is fully exposed, open your eyes!

    3. @Cheryl Harvey you are the one that needs to open your eyes. You have been played the fool. You trust government to control your life. How sad

    4. @Robert McDonald no cure for stupid, you’re a bad carnival act citizen, but it takes all kinds.

  7. The best thing Qevin MqQarty evet did was trying to cancel and silence Liz Cheney. That didn’t go well at all.

  8. I give credit to Liz Cheney and Adam kinzinger for stepping up to the plate. Every other republican can kiss my you know what.

    1. They’re too busy kissing trumps butt, accept for Kevin who’s now the party front man kissing trumps…..

    2. @Cheryl Harvey

      The establishment will sell your future to globalism but you’re too busy playing the party politics they set before you

      I can handle some YouTube shlub like yourself vomiting your fake indignation

      But you won’t have an answer when your grandchildren ask how things got the way they did for our nation

      You don’t even know disgrace

    3. @Biffalo Bull You sure seem to understand everyone else, but your mentality is simple. You are lost, what a fine choice you have made.

  9. Voters regardless of party affiliation should recognize those senators and congressmen who regardless of political consequence chose to defend our constitution and democracy. These people are true leaders. They deserve recognition.

  10. She’s actually serious about politics. She’s not just trying to get attention like Trump, she wants to get things done, making progress to do so, leads people and informs people well, stands for politics with diplomacy, and this is what we want in our politics.

    1. Just remember, and this goes for kinzinger too, this is what it took for them to figure out that something is wrong with their party. I appreciate them and their honesty in the here and now, but there is still plenty that they have endorsed I have trouble with.

  11. Media commentators underestimate the effect of Liz Cheney. She is far more right-wing than McCarthy, but she is honest — which he is definitely not. The Jan 6 Committee needs to ask the hard questions, and Cheney & Kinzinger will be up to it.

  12. Sedition v Trump
    “CONDUCT or Speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a State or Monarch”
    It’s NOT protected by the 1st Amendment.

  13. McCarthy knows that he assisted with the INSURRECTION, along with his Republican colleagues. Let the truth-telling begin, tomorrow!

    1. Don’t these Republicans realize that everything the are doing will eventually all be exposed in future legal testimony, tell-all books, and history courses? McCarthy and other Republican’s who flew to Mar-a-Lardo to kiss Trump’s ring, plan the insurrection, and then coordinate a racketeering style group denial of the obvious facts of the Jan 6th insurrection will all be exposed. Hopefully, some will have legal culpability for their participation in the plot to overthrown our government. The US Constitution has a definite opinion about the penalty for treason.

  14. One of a handful of Republicans standing up for the rule of law, the Constitution and the Democratic system of Government in America. TY for putting Country before Party.

  15. As much as I despised her Dad, He really reared an honorable, respectable Daughter with great character and morals!

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